Macswagking appeal- bug abuse- banned 12/14/20

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May 27, 2020
IGN: Macswagking
Reason for ban: bug abuse
Length of ban: permanent
Appeal: I love Maestrea with all my heart. I'm very sorry for the bug abuse. If I have a future on the server, I promise to never attempt anything of the sort ever again. Maestrea is one of the places where I can be myself and I love it. I know you see me as a risk but I promise I wont let anyone down from now on. I'm honestly sorry for my past actions.


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Dec 26, 2018
Hi there Macswag. Thanks for making an appeal. Unfortunately the ban was influenced by more than just bug abuse. As previously discussed, your ban was an accumulation of many things that ultimately showed staff a player with little care for the rules and no care for the consequences. So where does that leave us now? While we do believe this has been an eye opening experience, true change is difficult and takes time. We do not feel there has been time for you to really make those changes in a meaningful way. We do appreciate that you are sorry for what occurred, but at this time there is simply not enough time passed for us to feel the that positive changes would survive a return and the risk of returning to previous negative behaviors is still too high.

Appeal Denied.
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