Maestrea Complete Tutorial (Updated)


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Aug 10, 2016
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So you just started Maestrea and are wondering what to do:
- Check out the helpful guide below that explains what to do on the server!
- The first step should be /rules, which will list a couple of the major rules as well as a link to the complete set of rules. Be sure to read these so you understand the server rules! Please read the rules at HERE as well.
- You can see an abbreviated version of this tutorial at /tut which takes you to the tutorial room at spawn
- Check out /faq which has info on the server and custom items.

Daily/Weekly Chests:
Collect your rewards from these crates at /spawn every day & week.

Daily Bonus:
Collect rewards that only get better every day you play from the Daily Bonus Parrot!

Do /vote sites and you will see both the total number of votes you have for the month as well as the link to the voting sites. Vote daily for tons of cool rewards and vote keys. When you hit certain vote totals for the month, such as 96 for example, you will get rewarded with extra stuff such as rare keys! If you make it into the top 10 voters for the month, you will receive an extra reward as well! All votes are automatically claimed and rewards put in your inventory! Check out a more in-depth tutorial HERE.

Crates come in many different tiers, Vote -> Common -> Uncommon -> Rare -> Mythic -> Maestrean. Crates hold unique prizes from titles to even donation store vouchers! The crates can be opened using keys, which have varying levels of rarity. Keys can be received through voting, daily/weekly chest, daily bonus, or you can purchase them from the Shady Trader!

There are also two more crates, supporter and premium, which can be seen at /warp bars. Keys for these crates can be obtained through buying them on the Maestrea store.

You want to earn money don’t you? Well there is no better way to do that then with jobs! Do /jobs browse to see the list of available jobs and the requirements for each. At first you can only have 2 jobs, at Warrior you can have 3 at once, and once you get to Elder rank you can have 4 jobs at once. You can even get more jobs by prestiging! You will earn money the higher your job level goes so if you want to really start getting rich, level up those jobs! Check your balance with /bal. Below are some common jobs commands:​

/jobs browse - Lists all jobs

/jobs info [jobname] - Shows how much each job is getting paid for and what

/jobs join [jobname] - Joins the job

/jobs leave [jobname] - Leaves the job

/jobs stats - Shows the level you are in each job you are in

/jobs limit - Shows you how much money you can earn per hour using jobs

For more info on commands, check out the commands list HERE

When you join Maestrea, you might see players with titles showing off some cool ranks such as Knight or Crusader. These are a part of Maestrea’s ranking system. Do /ranks to see all of the available ranks. All of these ranks have both a cost and a playtime requirement. You can check your playtime with /rank and your balance with /bal. Perhaps you’ll be able to raise enough money to reach Mythic rank, where you unlock /fly!
  • Newcomer - None
  • Peasant - 2 /bp rows, /auction, /tpahere
  • Scavenger - /itemfilter, /trash
  • Traveller - /t new, 2 /home
  • Civilian - 3 /bp rows, /showitem (playername), /hoppercount
  • Trader - /condense, /hat
  • Merchant - /ptime, /count, /workbench
  • Guard - 3 /home
  • Knight - 4 /bp rows, /ccraft
  • Warrior - 3 Jobs, /showslot (slot)
  • Sentinel - /kit iron, /crusher
  • Paladin - 4 /home, /showitem -a, /showslot (slot) -a
  • Chieftain - 5 /bp rows, /recipe
  • Sage - /bottle get max/amount
  • Elder - 4 Jobs, /disguise chicken
  • Regent - 5 /home, Combine scrolls in /ccraft
  • Crusader - /nick, re-roll relics
  • Warlock - 6 /bp rows, /disguise pig
  • Guardian - /kit diamond, /credits books (amount)
  • Duke - /nick (with colors!), /colors
  • Earl - /unname, /disguise zombie
  • Legend - /disenchant, /enderchest
  • Demigod - Silk touch spawners, /disguise snowman
  • Immortal - /autosort chest/inventory
  • Titan - /weather, /disguise enderman
  • Mythic - /fly


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Aug 10, 2016
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So, Mythic rank is the highest, so what happens when you reach Mythic? You start from the beginning, silly! Do /prestige to check the perks of prestiging. You keep every command you’ve unlocked along the first time up, and you only receive more perks. Prestiging will reset you to Newcomer rank, as well as removing all of your jobs levels. However, prestiging will give you access to some extremely fun perks and even this radical little dot that appears in front of your name! You can prestige a maximum of 3 times.

You can check a list of warps by doing /warps. Each warp has a unique purpose, the resource world for example is where you should be harvesting your materials while the wild is where you will find towns. This is also selectable through /resource. You can also randomly teleport in the towny world by doing /rtp. You can also buy and sell items with other players at /shop.

Towns and Nations:
Maestrea is a towny server, meaning we have player-run towns which protect you from grief and players can work together. Towns are the only reliable way to keep your buildings and gear safe from the outside world. Towns are made using /t new (name), which requires 500$ and Traveller rank. Make sure that your town can afford taxes, or it will fall! Nations are groupings of towns working together or having fun. Check a full list of commands at /twiki.

When placing a chest, it will automatically lock. No players can access this chest without your permission unless you do not interact with the chest for a minimum of 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, players can use the Locksmith NPC to buy keys to break the lock. Keys are separated into tiers, opening chests earlier but costing more. Here is a tutorial to help you with your LWC commands: HERE

Enhancement Scrolls:
These scrolls can be added to items with an empty socket on them. You can look more into scrolls, their types, and purposes HERE

Dungeons is a unique server where you can fight challenging mobs for awesome rewards! There are 6 Dungeons, and also Challenge Bosses, which are very tough mobs with some amazing loot! You can check out the Dungeons server on Maestrea by doing /dungeons. You can also check out the Dungeons Database HERE

Chat Commands:
On Maestrea, there are several types of chat channels. Here are some commands to introduce them to you:​

/g - general chat, /nc - nation chat, /tc - town chat, /lc - local chat, /help - help chat, /market - market chat, /rec - recruitment chat
/leave g/market/help - Ignores messages from those channels
/join g/market/help - Reconnects you to the channels you left

For more info on commands, check out the commands list HERE

Auctions are an excellent way to sell some items to make some cash! You cannot use auctions until Peasant rank. The auctions will have a small tax on the winnings. Here are some commands to help you learn the auctions:​

/auction start (amount) (price) (increment) (buyout) - Auctions the item in your hand

/bid - Puts the smallest bid possible onto the ongoing auction

/auc cancel - Cancels the ongoing auction (can only be used on your own auction!)

/auc ignore - Ignores all chat messages related to auctions

/auc spam - Ignores spammy messages related to auctions

For more info on commands, check out the commands list HERE

Custom Enchants:
Maestrea is home to plenty of enchantments that are unique to our server! You can find a list of all of them HERE

Maestrea uses McMMO, which is a pretty famous plugin. You can receive McMMO books from plenty of sources, which can be redeemed for credits using /redeem. The McMMO Wiki is located HERE

Custom NPCs:
Maestrea’s spawn is filled with custom NPCs, all come with their own special uses. Here’s a little list!​

Daily Reward Parrot: The Daily Reward Parrot is our very friendly bird friend who gives you your Daily Bonus!

Experiencer: McMMO leveling up slow? No worries! The Experiencer can give you that little boost you need, for a cost.

Crafter: Need a custom item crafted for you? Nobody is better at crafting than the Crafter!

Mr. Info: Mr. Info is your friendly /faq machine, nothing more. I promise you he isn’t secretly Lord Varson’s brother or anything.

Bounty Hunter: Want to check to see if you have a bounty? The bounty hunter will be able to help you out, and even assist you with putting a bounty on someone else!

Fish Merchant: Caught some unique fish during the fishing competition? Sell them to the Fish Merchant for some money!
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Daily/Weekly Lottery: Feeling lucky? Then perhaps you should speak these two NPCs and deposit some money into the lottery!

Dungeon Trader: The Dungeon Trader will trade your Dungeons coins for some unique items!

Crystal Merchant: If you have some crystals laying around, the Crystal Merchant will take them in exchange for some useful items, like spawn eggs!

Event Trader: Have a crazy supply of soul gems (2000), Light Dust (1000) or Library of Tomes (640) that you don’t need? Trade them in for a title!

Item Crusher: Crush your old tiered items into essence to be remade into bottles!

Mworker Shop: Want to buy a Worker? Come here to buy one! Here's a little bit about how Workers... work! The Maestrea Workers Have Arrived!

Head Reaper: The Head Reaper sells quite an impressive collection of heads that he managed to collect… somehow.

Bob/James/Lord Worthton: Do you like gambling? What about drinking? Well here you can do both!

Brew Trader: Here you can trade in your Brewery items for money and Brewer job xp!

Shady Trader: This mysterious trader appears randomly, selling some unique and powerful items! Get what you need while he’s here, you don’t know how long he’ll be gone for!
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Custom Items:
Maestrea has tons of custom items and enchants. Below is an explanation of what these items are and how to craft them, starting from the top left row and going across. As a side note, you can get many of the items listed below by voting and opening crates. You can see the recipes of these items by going to the crafter NPC located at spawn or if you are above knight rank, doing /ccraft.
(Pictures coming soon)
Repair Gems: Used to repair tools/weapons/armor. Right click the gem, and then right click the gear.
Relic Chisel: Adds a relic socket to any item, allowing the ability to add a charm to it.
Silky Thread: Can be used to repair an Elytra (Has a chance to fail).
Crystal: Used to purchase items from the crystal merchant at spawn.
Fatal Bookmark: Separates a book with multiple vanilla enchants into several books.
Fragment: Can be used to craft relics and other custom items.
Relic: Gives a high level item/weapon/tool when opened.
Light Dust: Gives you Haste. Can be crafted using 8 Soul Gems and 1 Repair Gem.
Book of Tomes: Gives a random level enhancement scroll.
Timetraveller's Wristwatch: Takes you to the End (One time use).
Dimensional Compass: Takes you to the Nether (One time use).
Socket Chisel: Adds a socket to an item. Sockets are needed for enhancement scrolls.
Essence: 8 of the same essence create a tiered shady bottle.
Iron Giant's Heart: Has a chance to add a heart of life to an item. Has a chance of failing.
Dungeons Coins: Monsters on the Dungeons server have a chance to drop these coins. Use these coins at the Dungeon Trader at /spawn or /dungeons. You can combine 8 coins of one tier to get to the next.
Abyssal Steel: Has a chance to add AutoRepair to an item. Has a chance to fail or break the item.
Soul Gem: Used in Custom Crafting recipes
Grappling Hook: Right click to launch yourself in that direction once attached.
Clay Head: Right click to create a copy of your skin's head.
Arcane Scrubber: Used to remove useless enchantments from an item.
Infernal Scrubber: Removes useless enchants and turns them into a book for you.
Slime Bone: Tells you if you are in a chunk capable of slime spawns.
Mirror of Insanity: Has a chance to duplicate an item, downgrade it, or destroy it.

This thread will attempt to keep updated with current Maestrea. If you see any mistakes or anything outdated, contact Clippy. If you have anything that you feel deserves to be added to the tutorial post, do not be afraid to contact me. Thank you!​
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Donator Ranks:
We also have special ranks for those who donate to our server. Those ranks are Knight/Knightess, Lord/Lady, Baron/Baroness, Prince/Princess, King/Queen, Emperor/Empress, and Champion. Each of these ranks have their own special perks which you can check out on the store. There are plenty of other things to buy in the donation store besides ranks, such as Jobs Money/XP Boosters or even Disco Armor! Check out the full selection of items either at the donation store or /buy in-game.
  • Join server when it's full
  • Quickswitch - automatically refill the item in your hand if it runs out
  • A private vault with two rows
  • 4 /sethome
  • In-game title - /title
  • Ability to pick between Knight & Knightess for tab and above your playername (/tabtitle)
  • 10 extra auction house slots (/ah)
  • An extra trash chest
  • /autosort chest/inventory - Automatically organise your chest and/or inventory!
  • /checkexp (name) - View your XP progress or another player
  • /hat - Put the block in your hand onto your head
  • /ptime - Change your time to whatever you want!
  • /recipe - Show the recipe of an item
  • /condense - Turn items into blocks
  • /sell hand /sell inventory - sell items
  • /nick - change your nickname
  • /togglemobs - Toggle mobs spawning near you, this includes spawners, hostile and neutral mobs.
  • /tpahere - Request people to tp to you
  • /craft - virtual crafting table
  • /trash - Opens a GUI where you can put all your unwanted items in!
  • /msgtoggle - Toggle receiving private messages on/off (staff can still message you)
  • Access to the #donor-lounge text channel (DISCORD)
  • Access to the Donor Room voice channel (DISCORD)
  • Access to Music Bot (DISCORD)
  • Knight/Knightess Role (DISCORD)

  • Mine spawners (with a silk touch pickaxe)
  • 8 /sethome
  • 15 extra auction house slots (/ah)
  • 2 extra trash chests
  • A warning when an item is about to break
  • Magma and guardian disguises
  • /echest - opens up your enderchest
  • /unname - removes the name from an item
  • /unlore - removes the lore from an item
  • /near - see nearby players
  • /bright - nightvision
  • /DepositAll - dumps your backpack loot into nearby chests
  • /tptoggle - Toggles people being able to send /tpa requests to you
  • /pweather rain/sun - set the weather for yourself
  • /exp (name) - View your XP progress or another player
  • /cmi pos - prints current position including chunk and world region coordinates
  • /nick(colors) - Spice up your nickname with some colors!
  • Lord/Lady role (DISCORD)

  • A private vault with 6 rows
  • 16 /sethome
  • 20 extra auction house slots (/ah)
  • 3 extra trash chests
  • Baby Disguises (/d <disguise> setBaby) - Baby Chicken
  • Infinite grappling hooks
  • Edit Armorstands (shift + right click to begin editing)
  • Colored Signs & books
  • Keep your backpack (/bp) upon death
  • /me - Broadcast a message to the server
  • Quick Deposit similar items into a chest with Shift + Left Click!
  • /color (0-255),(0-255),(0-255) - Colors leather armor in any color on the RGB scale.
  • /disenchant - Remove enchants from items in your hand
  • /bottle get # - Turn your exp into bottles of enchanting!
  • /nick(format) - Use formatting within your name, like bold, italics and more!
  • Baron/Baroness Role (DISCORD)

  • 2 private vaults with 6 rows
  • 24 /sethome
  • 25 extra auction house slots (/ah)
  • Baby disguises - Baby mooshroom and baby horse
  • Disguises - mooshroom and horse
  • Keep your experience levels upon death
  • 10% McMMO Boost - Earn more experience from every McMMO action!
  • Double Diamond Elevator range (24 blocks, from 12)
  • /mcoins condense - Condense any dungeon coins that are in your inventory!
  • /feed - Sate your hunger with a free snack (1 minute cooldown)
  • /sun/rain - Change the weather for the server
  • /kittycannon - Hurl an exploding cat at your enemies and friends!
  • /point - Shoot a colorful laser at the block your looking at.
  • /book - Edit books that have already been signed!
  • /up # - Teleports you a number of blocks above you, onto a glass platform
  • Prince/Princess Role (DISCORD)

  • 3 private vaults with 6 rows
  • 36 /sethome
  • 30 extra auction house slots (/ah)
  • 5 extra trash chests
  • 1 extra condense chest
  • Disguises - mule and polarbear
  • Baby disguises - baby mule and baby polarbear
  • 20% McMMO Boost - Earn more experience from every McMMO action!
  • /top - Teleports you to the highest platform above you!
  • /bannermaker hand - Learn how to craft the banner you're holding
  • /bannermaker see - Learn how to craft the banner you're looking at
  • /glow - Become vibrantly visible with a shining outline around your player!
  • King/Queen Role (DISCORD)

  • 4 private vaults with 6 rows
  • 54 /sethome
  • 35 extra auction house slots (/ah)
  • 6 extra trash chests
  • 2 extra condense chests
  • Disguises - pig, zombie, skeleton horse, and zombie horse
  • Baby disguises - baby zombie, baby pig, baby skeleton horse, and baby zombie horse
  • 30% McMMO Boost - Earn more experience from every McMMO action!
  • No cool down between /tpa and /tpahere
  • 2 extra job slots
  • 100% Arcane Repair! - Never lose enchants while repairing
  • Keep inventory - Never lose your inventory upon death! (Towny only)
  • 16x16 chunk private world
  • ALL OTHER DONOR RANK PERKS (excluding champion)

  • Access to the perks of King / Queen (excluding King / Queen, Prince / Princess and Baron / Baroness titles and tab titles)
  • 1 50% money booster and 1 100% exp booster for the whole server for an hour (use "/boosters list" to do so)
  • Nickname extension! You can make your nick 30 characters long, instead of 20.
  • Ability to pick Champion for tab and above your playername (/tabtitle)
  • /title - In-game chat title (Champion)
  • Special prefix menu (accessible with /cmenu) where you can choose your own colored prefix! ۞ (If you would like the prefix in front of a title other than Champion, please contact an Admin+!)
  • /disguise rainbow_sheep - Be the rainbow! ...and a sheep...
  • /disguise flipped_turtle - Will you be able to roll over again? (also /disguise flipped_turtle setBaby to be a baby flipped turtle!)
  • /disguise turtle - Choose between a big turtle, or the cute baby turtle (/disguise turtle setBaby required to become a baby turtle)!
  • /disguise phantom - Become a spooky, winged beast and scare other players!
  • Automatically plays the chorus of We Are The Champions every time you renew your subscription
  • Access to the exclusive Champion Room voice channel (DISCORD)
  • Access to the exclusive #champion-lounge text channel (DISCORD)
  • Champion Role (DISCORD)
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