Maestrea Super Summer giveaway!

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Apr 26, 2016
Hello everyone!
Hope we're all having an awesome summer so far!

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I wanted to set something up to give back to the community and figured a giveaway was perfect!
Please read below for details, possible rewards and how to enter

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Mystery shulker box giveaway!
A total of
50 possible winners!
Each person that enters their IGN below will have a chance to win a shulker box with loot inside.
Each shulker has the chance to have really awesome items within, ranging from raid challenge tokens
fragments, opened relic pieces, mob spawn eggs, redeemable notes for cash, raid disguise tokens and more!
Grand prizes consist of the following
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Quantities vary! Yes, more than one person can win a voucher, Abyssal steel and more!

1- You can only enter once, please leave your IGN below (in game name)
2- You cannot enter for others (sorry)
3- You cannot be banned at the time of the reward drawing (You'll forfeit your reward)

4- Staff can enter
5- All winners will be picked using a random number generator
6- No alt accounts allowed (Please check server rules if you're unsure of what this means)
7- You can only win one shulker loot box
8- The winners will be drawn July 2nd, entries will end July 1st
9- These are all legitimately obtained items from my personal collection

Majestical_Iron; that's what we say to get in right?
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