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Nov 22, 2018
linked is a file that goes into more detail; however, here is the down and dirty.

The Raiders channel is a separate discord that a lot of the dungeoneers on Maestrea use to discuss dungeons and exchange information. One of the key features of such is the Roles given to players as an achievement for defeating the most powerful bosses etc. Its run into an issue of there being too many role requests, and not enough hands to accept everyone. In addition, the Superior role overwrites the other roles involved. So I have a solution.

Badges and Bots!

We can add an event to Mythic Mobs to register a ghost flag to a discord bot. This would tell the bot to award players with Badges and could even create notifications when a player defeats a boss as well! The badges would work similarly to the Roles, but a player could run a command on the discord to display a bot-styled text bot with a users In game name, and awarded badges. This way, players can still flex their hours spent on the dungeons without overworking our staff team!

As I posted before the linked file goes into more detail!

Maestrean Adventure Bot

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Jul 25, 2016
'straya mate
The Dungeons Raider is not an offical Maestrea Discord and not affiliated with the server owners in anyway. It's a public Discord for anyone who likes Dungeons. We're not making software for any 3rd party :p
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