MasterMilitia/Valkyrie Damascus Ban Appeal

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Jun 9, 2019
Banned Username - MasterMilitia (Nickname ValkyriaMarcus)
Reason - Inappropriate Behavior
- Permanent

Considering the changes to Elyssia, which is where the 2017 ban originates from, I would like to appeal the ban.
Originally the ban was due to an argument between myself and the now Ex-Owner of Elyssia, Micc.
This argument was due to the fact I was an experienced player trying to provide discord support to another user with technical issues.
During this period Micc started to aid in another private discussion with that player, at this point he began to tell me off to stop providing
aid in issues I had no clue in and that I shouldn't ever help other users in technical issues unless I was staff of some sort. I argued a slight
bit with him as to the validity of my help and the inappropriate way he was handling someone providing aid to an issue he was handling in
a private way. After this point he made a large overly dramatic show of banning me in discord and then on both forums and minecraft.
With the more recent changes to ownership and the discovery of old emails reminding me of Elyssia I thought it would be enjoyable to
return to the server network I put so much time into, seeing its original split from Afternoon Tea Craft and eventual sales and many
ownership changes.


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Jan 12, 2019
Hi there,

Whilst we do appreciate it when players help each other out, it can also be dangerous when they accidentally provide false information. If this spreads, or the player doing so is not informed, then more people believe it and Staff have a significant issue correcting people's knowledge so that it reflects the true workings of the server. Not so much an issue with benign mechanics, big problem if it's an emotionally charged situation. Hopefully that goes some way to explaining why Micc asked you to remove yourself from that situation.

Getting to the actual appeal, the way you've written this makes it seems like one isolated incident led to your ban, this is not the case. You have multiple warnings for inappropriate behaviour in your history, even one that clearly states it was a final warning, yet you persisted with that. Ultimately, you had a very negative impact on the experience of the community, and the fact that you elected not to include it shows a level of duplicity I'm not comfortable allowing on the server.

Appeal denied, thread closed.
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