Merric, The Dark One Complete Tutorial


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Dec 12, 2016
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Merric The Dark One


Note: For this entire boss fight having particles turned on is a must!
Within Dungeon 1 there's a secret sewer that leads to a maze that once completed brings you to a room that holds the seal, the seal must be broken in order to start the boss. Once the seal is broken you have to wait 30 minutes before you may do so again. (Use the Astral Disaster's skill while sitting next to the seal)


The arena is a massive circle in which a Old Villager stands in the middle, to start Merric's boss fight you must right click the Villager and begin his dialogue.

The Boss Fight

Stage One:Obsidian Hellsmash

He'll jump into the air and release an attack upon landing, this will shoot flame particles out from him, move away from him when he does this attack. The flames are easier to dodge the further back you are. Also jumping can also help avoid this attack. Being to close will result in you being flung away when he hits the ground. Hellsmash gets more powerful the more damage you do to Merric.

Stage Two: Obsidian Punch

He'll fire a particle that'll trace along the floor right in front of him, this attack deals damage while also knocking you back, jumping also dodges this attack or side stepping the particle also stops you from getting hit by the attack.

Stage Three: Obsidian Tri-Punch

When he reaches below 50% health he'll switch to the ability, works the same as the original but with a catch, he'll still shoot the first one directly in front of him, but he'll also shoot 2 more on either side of the original shot.

Stage Four: "I grow annoyed. Begone with you!"

This a dialogue he will say in chat, when he has said this he'll teleport directly into the middle and begin an ability. This ability will fire particles in straight lines starting from Merric, this line switches depending on the person he is targeting. He'll also fire flame particles, which is also depending on the person he is targeting. (Pretty much during this Stage DODGE EVERYTHING!) He will also spawn slimes, best method is to just knock them off the arena via punch bows. He'll do this 3 times throughout the fight, each one is harder.

That should be it for the tutorial.
This boss is very simple in concept, however he requires extreme concentration, the slightest mistake can result in death.
If you can avoid all of the above and survive, Merric will be rather easy for you.

Credit to Tankdest22 for creating Merric, The Dark One!

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