Micro Farms and Redstone Repeater Clocks.

Jan 1, 2018
I want to be sure that I do not break the rules of this server. I understand the AFK rules, but I need some clarification as I do not believe that the contraption that I want to build is an AFK machine. As these will need user interaction to operate.

1. Micro Farm

Spits out bone meal from dispensers that are set up to a repeater clock while user stands in front of tilled soil planting seed and reaping the harvest.

2. Chicken Hatchery

A Coop that collects eggs into a double chest. Then with the switch of a lever the eggs travel up an item elevator to a dispenser that shoots them out into the coop, thus hatching the eggs.

Please advise on the "legality" of these systems.



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Nov 11, 2015
Redstone farm is fine. Micro farm, we will periodically check in with your player to make sure you aren't using it to bypass afk.
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