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May 2, 2018
The Netherlands
In-Game Name: Mietm


In-game rank(use /rank):
Skyblock Thunder/Maestrea Prestige 1 Titan

Date Joined (check /res date):
Sometime early/mid 2018 - current /res is 2 Aug 2018 (restart date)

Do you have Discord (if yes, include your name):
Yes, Mietm#0465

Central European Time/Netherlands

Earlier ban reasons:

What Content Team you will be applying to:

Why should we pick you: We live in strange times, and due to the current "situation" around the world, I have a large amount of free time to give to the server. I am extremely organized, good at setting and meeting reasonable deadlines, and able to keep track of multiple projects at the same time.

What do you enjoy most about development:
I really enjoy working with a team to come up with new, creative, and interesting ideas that will be fun for those who choose to participate - and then following up by implementing those ideas for everyone to have a good time with!

Portfolio/Information to backup experience claims: Unfortunately I do not have a great deal of practical experience with the events on the server. I have, however, worked as part of the moderation team for a little over two years now. This has required being part of a team, giving input, taking criticism, and constantly working to improve my own work.

Coming up with new events is proving to be quite the challenge! We've got so many event types that already exist, with arena-murder, scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, kill-the-mob on towny, unique mob hunts in spawn, build events, the events on dungeons like Invasions and Giga... But let's give it a shot!

Example Small Event: One area where I feel our events are occasionally lacking is competition that doesn't require skill in pvp. I would propose a (reusable) small event in racing! Set-up would likely require a team-up between events and build to create multiple tracks for iceboat racing, or horse racing. Multi-level tracks for ice boat racing can be created with pressure-plate powered pistons, and have obstacles like cobwebs along the edges to slow down the reckless boaters.

Horse/pig/lava/strider racing could take place on similarly styled tracks. Horse racing would depend a bit on luck as the horses spawned in would have varying stats.

Perhaps even a championship (with title) in a longer-term view. This would require some record-keeping on the part of those running the race events.

Example Large Event: The Twelve Days of Christmas: This is (yet another) collection for completion event, but with larger thematic implications. The Twelve days are right on top of Christmas Break (for most folks) when they might have more time to come online and mess around with Minecraft. The main "prize" listed for each event would have lore and a special name, and participants would receive "present" heads each day (to be turned in at the end of the event).

Day 1: Who can find the partridge in a pear tree in spawn the fastest? Prize: enchanted pear item (Elyssia custom crop)

Day 2: Turtle race - each involved is given a name, and players are assigned to a turtle. Navigate an (easy) obstacle course by leading your turtle with sea grass (all server provided). Prize: turtle egg

Day 3: Each player is placed in a "pen" approximately 8x8 with 3 boats, two plots of farmland with full-grown wheat, and 5 chickens. It is a competition to see who can get 3 hens into the boats most quickly, and also make a loaf of bread (baguette, French hens, ha.. ha...) Prize: egg

Day 4: Redstone puzzle - Each player is in their own "pen" and a contraption will be set up to create a "bird call" - players will be given all items required to replicate the contraption, plus some extra, and it will be a race to see who can recreate the bird call the quickest! Prize: enchanted feather

Day 5: Elytra race through the 5 golden (and potentially other colored) rings. Prize: gold nugget

Day 6: In honor of Untitled Goose Game - players are each given an identical build they must destroy in any means necessary. tnt, picks, axes, flint & steel, and some dirt to patch up any holes - first one with a perfectly flat, unbuilt plot wins. Prize: bell

Day 7: Swimming obstacle course, can be completed in "first to finish" or time each entry and fastest time wins. Would need to be discussed whether relics and charms with dolphin's grace could be used. Conduits would be in place so drowning won't happen. Prize: nautilus shell

Day 8: Players are given a diamond pick, a bucket and a small constructed object they will need to destroy. There are Elder Guardians in tanks all over the room to afflict the players with mining fatigue. Players can run to cows placed in the room to fill their milk bucket to get rid of the mining fatigue. A chest in the middle of the build will contain random "prizes" including keys, crystals and maybe a relic or archaic (complete chance). Winner who opens the chest first wins the event prize of the bucket of milk.

Day 9: Dance Party! Voicechat required. Musicbot plays delightful Christmas tunes, everyone dances. At random intervals, the host presses random buttons to dispense (from random dispensers) that will drop present heads. At the end of the dance party, the winner is declared by who has the most presents. Prize: Present head

Day 10: Parkour! Christmas or New Year's themed parkour race. Prize: rabbit foot

Day 11: Maze through the pipes - race to the finishline through a subterranean sewer maze - all starting points CAN get to the end. Prize: blaze rod

Day 12: Team event - "drumsets" will be set up (redstone, note blocks, pressure plates) and teams will be allowed 30 minutes to practice and create something. Then, they will play for a panel of judges. Lag will have an effect on this event, but a video of the event could be amazing to share for laughs and/or amazement. Best "jingle" gets the prize: jukebox (for all members of team)

Grand Finale: Everyone who is able to get online to enjoy Christmas Cookie objects (potentially single use item that is actually a firework) to be claimed, and turn in their presents/prizes for even more rewards.
1-3 presents = 1-3 Common Keys
4-6 presents = 1-3 Uncommon Keys
7-9 presents = 1-3 Rare Keys
10-12 presents = 1-3 Mythic keys

Champion prizes will be given higher-tier items such as relic/arcana essence, entropy shards, archaic shards, whole relics/arcanas, or Maestrean keys.
The person with the most "champion" prizes will be crowned the Monarch of Mistletoe (title debatable) and receive a unique collectable for their collection.

Thank you for your time and consideration!


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May 18, 2019
Application approved, welcome to the team!
Contact Mietm to begin your promotion process :)
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