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Jan 18, 2020
What is mob limit?
Mob limit is the way the server limits the amount of mobs that can exist in one chunk and by doing that it limits the lag. The mob limit for this server is 4 passive mobs per chunk

Why making this thread?
While this is a known issue on the server, I feel like this problem is not getting enough attention.

Why would this be a problem?
The problem is when the plugin glitches/bugs. I've heard quite a handful of people complaining about disappearing villagers out of nowhere. It is happening to me too.

So how does the problem works and how it affects people?
I've took good care for preparing a room that delimited very well the chunks. Out of 16x16(a chunk size in minecraft) only 14x14 is usable for the villagers. 2020-01-18_21.47.19.png

Blocking the villagers from even touching the other chunk might have been a good idea, but it does not work. All the chunk borders are in between 2 other blocks(if any villagers are supposed to be nearby). That is for the interior of the building I did.

As for the exterior, it looks like this. I used only one block due to monsters being disabled in the adjacent chunks by default so they can not, under any circumstances, get to the wall I built and getting their arm into the villagers' chunk and triggering the mob limit.


The issue here is that villagers are still despawning and disappearing. What we found(me with my partner) is that if any of the villagers disappear, we go away from our town, using /spawn usually, then come back. What it does is unloading the chunks(saving the chunk) from the server because no player is there, then when we come back the server loads again the chunks using what it saved the last time it was requested(accessed).

So what's the big deal in all of this?
If that was all, it wouldn't be much of a problem. Now the real problem is when the villagers actually despawn(disappear). Daily, some villagers despawn. Well, ok, simply breed them again, right? Sure, it works for the moment, but what if ALL the villagers in a chunk would despawn? Now we have a problem. All the cleric villagers I had in a chunk just despawned. We've bred another 2 villagers and their job assigned to cleric. A few mins later they disappeared along with all the farmers. We unload and load the chunks, they are back but blacksmiths and cartographers are gone. This has gone on until every single villager was visible.

Now, here is what I have thought so far about this problem. I've considered how to try to resolve, diagnose and speculate the problem.
Everything that follows is made up from my past experience with Minecraft servers(was an owner twice) and other plugins in general.
Seeing how the plugins blend together, I think there might be a glitch between towny protection and mob limit. Here matters how the plugins interact with each other, that means how they consider all the mobs. The towny protection can be triggered using /plot toggle. There, it matters the following thing: What mobs count as monsters? There are passive, neutral and hostile mobs. What it matters is how both plugins classifies them. For example, if the mob limit combines passive and neutral making them both as passive while towny considers as monsters only the hostile entities then the neutral monsters can spawn. That means that the bats can spawn underground which can trigger the mob limit in the case we have 4 villagers overground. Same could work for only 1 villager, it can despawn if 6 bats will be spawned underground. The latter can also happen.
Here is the link to the minecraft mobs where we can see which ones are passive/neutral/hostile.

Another possibility is, if the one above is not true, to get the passive mob limit higher to 5 for example. The players may or may not know about this, whatever will be the case no one should try to have more than 4 passive mobs so they won't trigger the mob limit.

There is also the possibility to add to towny which mobs you DON'T WANT in your specific plot. I've noticed that while having villagers you will most of the time also spawn
Iron Golems which, if we go back to my first statement, can also be considered passive mobs while they are utility mobs. Utility mobs are meant to serve as supplementary ways of protection against hostile mobs.(link attached) Taking that into consideration(that they are utility mobs, not passive or neutral), they can also be combined into the passive mobs I've talked about at mob limit. Iron golems they spawn based on villager gossip at a gathering point since 1.14.

As a final note, keep in mind that these are all speculations but in my opinion are worth a shot. I will try in the following days to literally clear every single block except bedrock under all the villagers' chunks to see if it actually affects my villagers in any positive or negative way. Any feedback is welcome.
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