Monthly Update: April


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Oct 30, 2016
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April Monthly Update

It's that time again, another monthly update! MAY you have a great month to come!

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Fixed /ping.

Fixed and re-enabled /signedit.

Added hex color support for /signedit.

Made /ride always place you on the top of a stack.

Stopped crate keys getting an extra NBT tag when switching servers or using fixer.

Fixed some issues where seemingly perfect items would be broken.

Gave Overseer+ a new fully automatic item replacement command.
If it works out, this could eventually become available for all players!


March Top Voters Announced!

April Arcana Wave Dropped!

Shady Trader has come and gone twice.

Resource, End, and Nether worlds were reset.



Increased island point values of sand from 1 to 2.

Increased island point values of Glass/Stained Glass from 2 to 3.

Added "/ic" command shortcut for "/is chat".



2021 Easter Main Event & Easter Finale Event
Easter Themed Pets & Titles were also available in the Store!
Also, RIP Cuddles, you will be missed.

April 2021 Admin Auction

April 2021 Build Event (Movies Theme)
Winners: Thepurplepenguin (1st), HoudiniJD (2nd), LookAWildMoose (3rd)



Alexanderfh has been promoted to Helper!

HoudiniJD has been promoted to Helper!


Content Agenda

Mythic Mobs: Testing everything on the poor practice dummies.
Items: Arcanas, Relics, Archaics, and Netherite, Oh My!
QOL: Monthly Updates and Wiki Work!
Skyblock: Terra-forming distant lands.
Brews: Finding out what the Brew Trader's favorite brew is.
Events: Taking a jump, skip, and a hop into May and dusting off old favorites.
Economy: Eating all the job cookies.

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