Monthly Update: March


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Jul 2, 2020
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March Monthly Update

Welcome back to another Monthly Update!

Note: If you see orange text in the update notes, clicking it will take you to the related forums post or wiki page!



Pets have now been added!

Fixed a bug where new players would join and not receive the newcomer kit.

Fixed spawning issues with the PVP arena after death.

Fixed an issue where /b would initiate an auction command instead of /bright.

/wild will now open the RTP menu!

We’ve had our March Relic Memes Wave and Charm Cycle!

Distilling has been re-enabled in the Brewery plugin!

Updated the starter book to be neater and more up-to-date.

Mob limit mechanics have been reworked.

Fixed an issue where the enchantment tables at spawn could not be used.

The brews team rolled out their new & fresh Spring Brews Update!

Starting April 1st, we will apply a weekly tax of 55% on player balance, towns, and bounties.



Ore generators now have tiers!

Fixed a bug with Mirrors of insanity not working.

Skyblock spawn now has /tut built into it!

Fixed an issue where the /sell command would sell the wrong items.



Players had to solve the mystery of the cursed island!

A new Skywars map will be added with the March Build Event!



Ludvaf was promoted to Moderator!

koakumoo was promoted to Helper!

Kl0zer was promoted to Jr.Admin!

sarahmigo was promoted to Content!

Jare was promoted to Customer!


Content Agenda

Mythic Mobs: Murdering Bunnies!
Items: Tinkering with Nethrite!
QOL: Wiki Work and Monthly Updates!
Skyblock: Beginning some spring cleaning!
Brews: Looking for who fermented this many carrots.
Events: Breaking the island’s curse and preparing for Easter!
Economy: Working on the jobs rework!
Quests: Chasing Plot Bunnies!

There may or may not be April fools jokes inside this post.
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Good job, Jota! :)
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