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Jul 25, 2016
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What are Mythic Mobs?
Mythic Mobs are the powerful mobs you encounter through your dungeon runs and Challenge Boss fights. Each and every of these mobs, their abilities and attributes are coded by members of our Mythic Mob team to create the most immersive and exciting dungeon challenges! These mobs can be code to almost quite literally do ANYTHING that you can possibly imagine, the sky is the limit!

What is the purpose of this thread?
The purpose of this new relics thread is to gather more ideas for new Mythic Mobs. The reason for creating a new thread is that the old post was inactive, and we're hoping to promote new activity. Additionally, since the old post was created, months later the Content Team was created, thus birthing a new era in the Mythic Mobs Development team. We're now enlisting your help to guide us in creating mobs you want!

How to suggest a Mythic Mob:
Mob type:
Health(Player has 20 health):
  Item, name, lores, enchants
  Item, name, lores, enchants
  (spawn mobs, cast spells, explode the player, rain arrows, bash into player, tp to player, poison)
  These skills are just examples. There are a lot of things we can add, just suggest it and we'll see what we can do!
Example Mythic Mob:
Mobtype: wither_skeleton
Display: '&3&lS&8&lhady &7&lSkeleton'
Health: 125
Damage: 5
- Gold_Helmet:4
- Gold_Chestplate:3
- Leather_Leggings:2
- Leather_Boots:1
- Diamond_Sword:0 (0=main-hand)
- Diamond_Sword:5 (5=off-hand)
- DropTable
   FollowRange: 10
   AlwaysShowName: false
   MovementSpeed: 0.3
   PreventOtherDrops: true
- skill{s=Bleeding} @target ~onAttack 0.25
- skill{s=Stealth} @self ~onTimer:400

You don't have to write it using the special format, we'll convert it, we just want your suggestions and ideas!
Just copy the template and reply to this thread.​


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Jun 29, 2017
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If you make a Shrek boss suggestion. I will make that boss but it will only target you <3 so please no troll suggestions. I'm kidding ofc I wouldn't do that or would i?


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Jan 23, 2019
Mob: Villager (Cartographer)
Name: Aquarius The Loyal
Description: Devoted by his love , Sagittarius The Mindful , He sets out to accomplish his duty and support his lover plan to rid of all life.
  • Whirlpool: Sends out a circular AOE attack the spreads out from him to the arena, showering its targets with a powerful wave
  • Poseidon's Call: Sends out his minions from his pot to distracted the target so he can heal
  • Curse of the Sea: Applies mining fatigue and nausea to targeted opponent
Name: Poseidon's Men:
- Mob: Drowned
Items/Rare Drops:
Waterbearing Pot: A Infinite water source that uses your xp when on use, 100 xp per use
- Title [Loyalist] | &6&lL&e&loya&6&ll&e&list | Loyalist
- Aquarius the Loyal Diguise
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Dec 21, 2018
Disclaimer: This is just a rough draft of an idea I thought of, you can use any of this, change any of this, or not use this idea at all
If you want to give me any feedback about this my discord name is Zaidebot#2791 (nicknamed Ziploc)

The Entity of Chaos (looks like the ??? mob in d6) crafting recipe is 1 of every boss token

Boss rush phase:

A run where you have to do ALL the bosses in a row, in order to get the cache. Max Players=20 Order of bosses:

1- Cuddles, Fabled, and Bone Gang: You have to fight Cuddles, Fabled, and Bone Gang bosses at the same time, in the Fabled Arena. Once all are defeated you click on a shulker to move to the next boss (no raid tiers)

2- Apoc & Varson: You have to fight Apoc horses and Varson at the same time, in the Varson Arena. Once all are defeated you click on a shulker to move to the next boss (5% chance of 1-3 divine relics, 10% chance of getting a random token)

3- Coven Witch: Regular Coven Witch Boss fight, once defeated you click on a shulker to move to the next boss (10% of 1-4 divine relics, 50% chance of 1-3 sealed challenge tokens, 20% chance of getting a random token)

4- Enderius: Regular Enderius boss fight. However this time there are two options. Either you click on return to spawn (10% for any raid tier items to be looted, multiple raid tier items can be looted at once) or you click on a shulker to move to the next boss (10% of 2-6 divine relics, 75% chance of getting 2 sealed challenge tokens, 20% chance of getting a random token, 30% chance of getting a random crafting material for Enderius token)

Phase 2:

The Entity of Chaos: A battle that includes all bosses in one, with these modifications:

None of the bosses have a shield (aka they don't require other bosses to be killed first)

All minions are disabled, and all apoc horses are already spawned

Fabled boss is already in phase 2

Coven doesn't summon astral or soul beam

Enderius in phase 2, no tile attacks or crystals

All bosses do half damage and have half their original health (in this phase)

After all those are defeated, the true master of chaos comes out, with the following stats and mechanics:

Name: &0&kEntity_001

Health: 50k


[Chaos ball]: shoots a projectile that is medium speed, gives wither and slowness to people hit, keeps going until hits a wall

[Chaotic Balance]: makes the health of all players equal (finds the average of the health of all players)

[Black Hole]: slowly pulls players toward a black hole in the middle of the map (players have to move away from it if by the time the attack sequence is complete anyone is in 3m range of the black hole they die)

[Seed of Chaos]: puts a seed of chaos in player's inventories(Popped chorus fruit item or similar), if they don't throw it out in 8 seconds a powerful minion who has the same gear as the player does spawns (minion equips same items as the armor of the player, offhand, and holds a sharp 7 sword/axe)

[Final Entropy]: at 10% health, ??? does an attack where any damage taken at that stage is multiplied by 1.5 and turned into health (can only be done once, even if he heals)

Immune to all status effects
Immune to knockback
Has thorns 5 on armor
[Chaos Dice] is activated every 2 minutes, has a chance to either damage players and heal the boss, or the opposite (50/50)

Finally, after defeating this the cache drops the following with 100% chance:

2-7 divine relics

1 random raid tier from enderius

1 random raid tier from coven

1 random raid tier from varson

1 random disguise

1 random raid tier from apoc/bonegang/fabled/cuddles

10-15 tungsten coins

30-40 relic essense

40-50 mythic essense

and for the raid tiers of the Chaos himself (those only have a 10% to be looted):

&d&k???&r: prot 7 all, +7hp +0.03 speed (no need for unb because the item is a player head should be the same player head as the boss)

Special Skill: activates a random skill from one of the other raid tier skills every 1 minute

&5&lBladeBow of &kT&r&5rue Chaos: (item is a bow)

Power 10

Unb 10


punch 3

sharpness 10

bane of arthropods 10

smite 10

looting 5

fire aspect 3

flame 3


attack speed of 3

+5 health in main hand

pot effects:

str 3

res 2

no skill effects

&l&4Blood &5Sacrifice

Skill: Takes away half of your max health and heals players around you for 2/3's of their max health (5m radius) gives the user absorption 3 for 10 seconds, resistance 2 for 15 seconds, blindness+night vision for 15 seconds, and weakness 10 for 10 seconds (4min cooldown)

Title(50% drop chance, due to the difficulty of the boss):

§d§kI§0§lChaotic§d§kI§r or &d&kI&0&lChaotic&d&kI&r (both the same thing just difference between '&' and '§')
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Feb 3, 2020
Game Master's Blue Die (Mythic Tier)

Players 1-6 (The more players you bring the more difficult is the challenge)

Arena Settings: 4 Way Cross with beacons lighting up showing which lane will spawn mobs.

Winning Condition: Survive the onslaught & defend the center

Losing Condition: If all players die or if one of the lanes gets fully lit.

Mobs & Bosses

Mob Alliance Security Drone Mk. 4
Tier: Boss
Mob: Iron Golem
Hp: 3000
Damage: 55
Missile Barrage
-Shoots 3-5 Missile towards the player dealing 75 damage per missile, and gives slowness 3 for 5 seconds
Ground Stomp
-Drone stands still while pounding the ground dealing 40 aoe damage every 1.5 seconds for 7.5 seconds
Haywire Robot
-Calls for reinforcement after certain damage threshold bringing in lesser Drones to assist it and it moves faster.

Elder Void Spider
Tier: Boss
Mob: Spiders
Hp: 2400 Damage: 43
Self Detonate
-When killed deals 80 aoe damage
Final Kin
-Spawns 3 Voidlins after self detonate, deals 30 damage and wither 2 for 5 seconds

Tier: Mob
Mob: Cave Spider
Hp: 750
Damage: 30
Effects Wither 2 for 5 seconds

Bandit Runts
Tier: Mob
Hp: 300
Damage: 28
Silent Shift
-Appears behind you dealing 37 damage

Can not bring any items and can only use what the Game Master gives

Starting Phase you get to choose what class you want to be either Defense, Support, Offensive.
Feb 3, 2020
Game Master Red Dice (Divine+ Tier)
Players 6-12

Arena Settings
Players will have to run a gauntlet to get to the boss room while battling mobs that stands in their way. If they’re too slow they’re be corrupted by the taint and will be used against you during the boss fight.

Arena Hazard

Chaos Beam
-As players run against a gauntlet they’ll be chased by an unstoppable wall that’ll vaporized anything that touches it

Turret lobbers
-Lobs Poison gas down on the players giving poison 2 slowness 1 when inside the gas

-Mobs Random mobs you encounter in dungeons became stronger, tanker, and lost the ability to reason. They will try and stop you no matter what it cost.

Gigamachinma Mk. 2 Prototype

Hp: 55000

Initial battle it’ll be offline until reaching a certain threshold then he’ll automatically used his first skill Thunder Slam


Ground Slam
-Giga Slammed his foot on the ground causing 3 aftershock dealing 80 damage per wave

Toxic Lobbers
-Lobs several toxic canisters that releases gas dealing wither 3 each second the player is in the gas

Foliage Shredder Mk. 2
-Faster than before, and a quicker charge up time.

-Calls in 2 Shield Ships that shoots toxic missile dealing 30 initial damage, then a leaving a small lingering toxic field giving all players inside it wither 3 for 5 seconds.

Loses Stun Missile and HyperDrill as Gigamachima Mk. 1 is still in production
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