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You read that right! Pets have come to Maestrea!
Cute little companions that can accompany you on your journeys!

Pet FAQ:
Do pets give any kind of buff or advantage:
No. Pets are cosmetic only

Do I have to spend money to get pets:
No. While there are plans to bring some pets to the store for purchase, there will always be pets that can be obtained without spending money on the buycraft store.

Can I buy pets on buycraft?:
Yes(-ish)! There is a list below of pets we are launching with but there will be more coming soon! Some of those coming will be on buycraft while others will be available in game!

How do I summon my pet?
/pet in game will pull up the main pets menu. Select a category and you will see all pets in that category that you can summon.

Can I name my Pet?
Yes! Right Click a summoned pet to pull up the pet menu to rename your pet.

Can I use color codes in my pets name?
Yes! Use the codes from /colors to add colors when naming your pet!


On to the pets! The following pets are all available at launch!

Launch Pet: Baby Turtle!
All players will have this adorable turtle available to them!
He is in the animal pet category

Turtle Pet.png

Emperor Pet: Baby Dragon!
All players with the Emperor Rank (Towny) will have this pet available to them!
He is in the special pet category

Baby Dragon Pet.png

Phoenix Pet: Phoenix!
All players with the Phoenix Rank (Skyblock) will have this pet available to them!
He is in the special pet category

Phoenix Pet.png

Vote Token Shop: Pea Shooter!
Seems that wily little fox is at it again!
Available for all players to purchase from the Vote Token Shop for 1,000 tokens!
He is in the misc pet category

Pea Shooter Pet.png
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My PeT iS bEtTeR tHaN yOuR pEt!


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Amazing! So excited to see what cool ideas get added with this plugin! :D:D:D