November 2019 - Maestrea Build Event


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Aug 8, 2017
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Welcome to the November Build Event!
This month's theme is...


Yes you heard that right, Trees!
In order to celebrate the #TeamTrees initiative and help raise awareness for the cause
we couldn't think of anything more fitting for this months build event than planting 20 million trees in game..
wait no
having a theme based around trees!!
It's not too strict, just include trees/nature in the build, and get creative!
We hope to see some awesome builds, from the highest treehouse villages to the deepest parts of the Amazon rainforest,
this is the perfect month for all of you who enjoy landscaping and building nature!

The event will end on "November 21st" at 12:00 pm EST

- Plots sizes are set to 100x100.
- Builders cannot win first place (unless they have not won before)
- World Edit will work if you vote on towny

- No plagiarizing or copying builds
- Keep somewhat within the theme
- And most importantly have fun!

To claim a plot use /plot auto [or] /plot claim
To change the biome do /plot biome (biome name)
To delete a plot use /plot clear

First Place Prize:
Architect title [or] $16 Voucher, 1 Maestrean Key, and 1 Title Key

Second Place Prize:
4 mythic keys, 1 Maestrean Key, and 1 Title Key

Third Place Prize:
1 Maestrean Key, and 1 Title Key

Good luck building and have fun!
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