November Build Event 2022


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The Netherlands
Changing Seasons by Hazel Thomson: An image of a forest shifting seasons from left to right, winter, spring, summer, autumn

November Build Event
The theme for the November build event is "Changing Seasons"

Deadline is November 25th.

- Plot sizes are set to 72 x 72
- Builders cannot win first place (unless they have not won before)
- World Edit is permitted

- No plagiarizing or copying builds
- Keep somewhat within the theme
- And most importantly have fun!

To claim a plot use /plot auto [or] /plot claim
To change the biome do /plot biome (biome name)
To delete a plot use /plot clear

First Place Prize:
Architect title [or] $16 Voucher, 1 Maestrean Key, 1 Title Key

Second Place Prize:
4 mythic keys, 1 Maestrean Key, and 1 Title Key

Third Place Prize:
1 Maestrean Key, and 1 Title Key

Good luck building and have fun!

Extra Tools:
On top of the usual tools, there are now some extra items you may use to bring more life to your builds!

You can use the command /aa to access the armor stand editor for the creative server - this will allow you to make all kinds of dynamic poses for more visual interest.

There is also a "helping heart" in the main creative world with some blocks you would not normally be able to access. Simply type /spawn while on the /creative server and look for this build:

If you would like any of these blocks to use in your build, simply aim your cursor at the block in the frame and click your middle mouse button. This will put the block into your inventory for use on your builds! They include an invisible item frame and invisible light blocks of all intensities.

If you would like a "privacy screen" around your build so no one can see your work and don't know how to do it yourself, please make a ticket on our discord or DM Mietm and it will get done within 24 hours of the request.