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Dec 12, 2016
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Official Skyblock Rules

The following are all currently valid and enforced rules within our Skyblock server. Please note these rules are subject to change from time to time, be sure to keep yourself updated on them and always inquire to a staff member if you're unsure of what is allowed. Staff discretion applies to all sections listed here.

Section 1 - Behavior/Conduct

Subsection - Chat and player interaction
When interacting with other players and staff in any form be it chat, signs, books or private message please be respectful at all times.
The following are strictly prohibited
Any form of racism
Staff disrespect
Lying to staff
Player or staff impersonation
Spamming/flooding chat, keyspam or disruptive repetitive numbers, letters or caps

Disruptive messages
Excessive swearing
Sexually inappropriate jokes/remarks
Pushing players off of islands
Inappropriate minecraft skins/names. You will be asked to change your skin/IGN failure to comply will result in a ban, until said name or skin is changed to something appropriate
Slurs, gender, race, identification or otherwise
Any form of discrimination involving but NOT limited to gender/gender identification, sexual orientation, race, religion.
Political speech, or any form of political advocation or expression. We're here to play Minecraft, not push political agendas
Religion, religious parahanila or propaganda, discussion or expression of in any way, shape or form. Again, Minecraft.

Subsection - Scamming
When making deals, trades, agreements for services, future or current that are considered legitimate, you are required to honor any and all deals you agree upon. Failure to do so can be deemed scamming and is a bannable offense.
Use of deception to acquire access to otherwise restricted areas, items or services with malicious intent is prohibited and will be considered scamming.
Death traps in any form are prohibited and considered scamming, please do not make death traps for any reason.

Subsection - Auctions
The following applies to /ah and /auction
Do not auction boost. Auction boosting is bidding more than the current item is worth with malicious intent or to profit.
Do not auction troll. Auction trolling is bidding on an item with no intention to buy or attempting to sell obscenely named items. This also encompasses items made to appear as they're not repeatedly, auctioning an item over and over, attempting to auction items of little worth for exorbitant prices.
Do not utilize the auction for advertisement, be it services, recruitment or otherwise.

Subsection - Nicks/Nicknames
The following applies to use of the /nick /nickname feature on skyblock
Do not impersonate players or staff
Do not use inappropriate nicks, this includes but is not limited to, obscene, sexual, disrespectful, racist, homophobic, political or religious.

Section 2 -Hacking, cheating, illegally modified clients, exploitation of bugs/glitches and alternate accounts

Subsection - Alternate accounts
Playing with siblings and others whom you share an IP with is perfectly fine, just be sure to inform a staff member before doing so. However should you be unaware of this, you'll be checked by appropriate level staff should we become aware of this, we do not ban unless we have solid evidence of the accounts being used for unfair advantages.
You are allowed one account on the server and only one. Using alternative accounts to garner an unfair advantage in any way shape or form is NOT allowed, you will be caught and banned, please do not do so.
Utilizing accounts that at one time did or do belong to family members or others that share your IP for self gain is NOT allowed and will be considered alting for an unfair advantage.
We always gather plenty of evidence before banning for alternate account abuse

Subsection - Bug/glitch abuse and exploitation
From time to time bugs and glitches may pop up, this is an ever continuing battle due to custom content and plugin to plugin interaction. We work diligently to fix these as quickly as possible, however at times they can be hard to find.
If you should become aware of a bug or glitch or any mechanic that is not intended that allows for but is not limited to an unintended gain of item(s), access, money or override, such as but not limited to duplication you're required to report this immediately to a staff member in private. Do not bring attention to any bug or glitch you find, do not partake of, use or otherwise attempt to use any bug or glitch you many find. Leave this to staff. If you're caught exploiting bugs or glitches you'll be permanently banned with little to no chance of appeal. We take offenses such as these very seriously. Please understand the importance in reporting them to us. If you're unsure as to whether a mechanic is intended or otherwise please ask a staff member.

Subsection - Abuse of /shop
Skyblock's /shop feature allows you to buy and sell items, any abuse of this is prohibited and you're required to report this to a staff member.
The following is considered abuse of /shop
Buying an item from /shop and using it to make profit via jobs
Example as follows : You find that the price of wheat is set wrong, you buy 1 dub of wheat for $10k and use it for the cook job to make $500k profit.
Buying something from /shop and reselling it to /shop for profit
Example as follows: You see the buy price for emerald is set wrong, you buy 500 emeralds and then sell them back to /shop to make profit.

Subsection - Hacking/Illegal mods
Hacking and use of illegal modifications is STRICTLY PROHIBITED
We have a very competent staff team that performs player checks regularly, please do not cheat, it's not worth it.
Examples of cheating/hacking as follows
Fish farms/Auto fishers
Taping your mouse (This is simply a poor mans clicker, don't do it)
Kill aura/Mob aura
Anti afk mods/scripts
For a more comprehensive list please take a look at this helpful thread Blacklisted Mods!

Please do not hack or cheat. If you're unsure as to whether something is allowed or not please ask a staff member in game or on discord.

Section 3 - Miscellaneous rules and server limitations/restrictions

Subsection - Automatic farm and redstone restrictions/limitations
While automatic farms are a staple in vanilla skyblock servers, TribeBlock utilizes the jobs plugin and we'd much prefer you to use that for most of your money making. Redstone is inherently laggy and can have disastrous effects on server performance and for this reason we've implemented restrictions regarding automatic farms and redstone. They are as follows.
Please refrain from using large amounts of pistons for any one build or construct
Please refrain from making large or overly sized automatic farms of any sort for any reason
Please refrain from making zero tick or near zero tick farms or anything related to them for any reason

If you're unsure if your desired construct is allowed or not please inquire to a staff member BEFORE constructing it
Please note that staff reserves the right to request you to either remove or modify any redstone or automatic farm to adhere to these restrictions. If you're asked to do so, please do. If you fail to comply or are unavailable they will be removed or modified by a staff member.
Our goal is to keep the server as fun and lag free as possible.
Subsection - RL Money (Real life) Trading and advertisement
Using the server in any way, shape or form to advertise products or services unrelated to the server is prohibited. Attempting to use our platform to advertise your product or service unrelated will result in a permanent ban.
Advertising other servers or server discords/platforms is not allowed, this also will result in a permanent ban. We do not take poaching lightly.
Attempting to buy or sell in game items for real life money (RL trading) is not allowed.
Attempting to trade in game items in exchange for purchase of donor store items for you is not allowed.
Example: You offer to pay someone 10 million dollars in game money if they buy you a rank from the donor store.
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