Quick question about hopper limit.

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May 18, 2017
I know that you can only have 200 per person as the rules state:

"Players are not allowed to have more than 200 hoppers each, if you are found to have way more than this, upper staff will manually remove them and give them back to you.

Minecarts with hoppers also counts and should be restricted, they tick 2.5x times faster than hoppers. Don't make big collection platforms with a minecart on each row, instead make the items/mobs fall in water that pushes them to a smaller area where you can collect the drops."

But...is it still against the rules if say I place 200 down in a 2x2 chunk area and then my friend places 200 down in the adjacent 2x2 chunk area?

Or say I put my 200 hoppers in a 1x2 chunk and my friend puts his in the 1x2 chunk right next to mine?

It should be fine right cause each person is keeping to 200 limit ...I mean I can understand it being against the rules if you have like 20 people do 200 all near each other..but what about just 2 or 3 people putting down 200 hoppers in adjacent chunks?


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Nov 11, 2015
The rule is to keep tps from going down because there are a lot of hoppers. This shouldn't be a big deal. If it is, we will work with you to reduce your hopper count in the area.
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