Relic Scrubber


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Jan 23, 2019
Relic socketting is a thing and since there is so many relics and charms that comes out its sucks to have charms already chiseled in your geear when you wanna replace it with a better or different charm.

I suggest making a relic scrubber, it would have a 50% chance to erase the charms thats been socketted, 25% to fail , and 25% to remove the relic socket or if you wanna get more extreme, to the destory the item.

Downside to this is the risk of it , if implemented, losing your item, but thats just the price you pay for such a expensive manuvuer.

Crafting recipe would include:
-1 Relic chisel
-1 Infernal Scrubber
-64 Soul gems
-1 Relic

Thank you.
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