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Feb 5, 2018
Relic Suggestion Event!

Hello Maestreans! We will be holding yet another relic suggestion event! This relic suggestion's theme will be Mythology! So, let your imagination run wild with thoughts of myths and tales. To participate, post a comment on this thread following the format listed below. There will be 3 lucky winners that will get their relic ideas added to the server for everyone to see and enjoy! Feel free to also ask any Items team member for feedback as much as you want, just know we have other work to do too. We will prioritize people have haven't received feedback yet. Now, for the rules...​


1) One (1) suggestion per person (you may freely modify or completely redo your suggestion anytime while submitting is open).

2) The suggestions may be modified at the Item Team's discretion for any purpose, including balancing.

3) Everyone had a right to suggest a relic, anyone at all; from complete Newcomer all the way up to Owners. Items team will not participate as we need to stay impartial for judgement.

4) Maestrea rules still apply to all relic names/lore, so keep it appropriate.

5) Submissions will be taken until Friday August 14th 2020, at 11:00 PM EST.

6) No charms for this suggestion event.

7) With the upcoming charm rework, please refrain from using potion effects on your suggested items.

Relic Template

Name: Example Relic Name

Material: Diamond Sword, Cake, Bow, etc.

Charm: False

Lore: This is the lore for the Relic!

Enchantments + Ranges (0 means it won't have the enchant, ex: Mending: 0-1 is a chance for mending):
Unbreaking 2-6
Sharpness 4-7
Smite 3-5
Curse of Vanishing 1

Custom Enchants + Ranges:
Butcher 0-3
Shock 1-4
Void Seer 3

Attributes (Hand, Off Hand, Chest, Legs, Feet, Head):
Max Health -3 to 3
Armor Toughness 0 to 1
Attack Speed 1.05

(All values and ranges above are purely for example)


- All three winners will be decided by the Items Team
- The winners will receive a first edition version of their suggested relic!

Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and suggest those relics!
Apr 29, 2016
Name: Hrunting (&a&lH&7&lruntin&a&lg)

Material: Diamond Sword

Charm: False

Lore: The Magical Sword that was lent to Beowulf by Unferth which is annealed in venom has been passed on to you...

Enchantments + Ranges:
Smite 3-8
Unbreaking 2-6
Mending 0-1
Curse of Vanishing 0-1

Custom Enchants + Ranges:
Poison 1-4
Poison Area 0-1

When in Main Hand:
Max health -2 to +2
Speed -1 to +1

Good Luck to everyone else on their relic suggestions :D
Aug 2, 2018
Name: Badb's Wing (&0&lB&4&la&7&ld&8&lb&0&l's &0&lW&8&li&7&ln&4&lg)

Material: Feather

Charm: False

Lore: A fearsome presence while in her battles, but this wing of hers will help you through your own.

Enchantments + Ranges:
Infinity 10
Curse of Vanishing 1

Custom Enchants + Ranges:
Necromancer 1-2
Absorb 1-4
Poison 2-3

When in Offhand:
Max Health -3 to 2
Strength 1
Speed 2

Good luck and have fun creating :D
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Aug 1, 2020
Name: Minotaur's Horn (&6&o&lM&8&l&oinotaur's &e&o&lH&8&l&oorn)

Material: End Rod

Charm: False

Lore: What a shame that such a magnificent, powerful, yet peaceful beast fell to your bloodied hands...

Enchantments + Ranges:
Infinity 10

Custom Enchants + Ranges:
Curse of the Undead {Revenge from the grave}
Shield 3 {The Minotaur's horns are as strong as the beast itself}
Surprise 3 {The beast still hungers from beyond}

When in offhand:
Max health -2 to +1
Speed -3 to 0
Attack Speed .75 to 1.05
Strength -2 to +2

When on Head:
Max Health -3 to +3
Armor Toughness -2 to +3
Knockback Res 0 to 0.3
Speed -3 to -1

The negative speed is an impact of how large the horns are themselves, as the Minotaur's head is that of a bull on the body of a man so they are quite thick and strong to hold up the sheer size of the horns. Perhaps you will be strong enough to wield it without speed loss...

Good luck to everyone! :D
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Name: Joyeuse

Material: Iron Sword

Charm: False

Lore: The most joyous sword around! Charlemagne's own personal weapon, legend says it inspired wounded soldiers during battle.

Enchantments + Ranges:
Looting 0-3
Smite 3-5 (According to the history, the sword was occasionally used to slay demons and witches)
Unbreaking 1-5
Sharpness 0-5
Sweeping Edge 2-3
Curse of Vanishing 1-1 (In the real lore, the sword had been lost by its owner at least twice during conflicts)

Custom Enchants + Ranges:
Beheading 1-3 (The background insists that it killed many important figures by beheading the head of its foes)
Double Strike 0-4
Werewolf 1-4 (This enchant is here in case you have no friends to fight with and inspire, {For reference, look at lore above})
Light Seeker 0-2

When in main Hand:
Attack speed 1.04
Regeneration 1 to 2 (I'm not sure if it's possible to code an AoE regeneration or absorption effect for allies, but that'll have to do for now)
Max health -2 to 1
When in off-hand:
Attack Speed 1.08
Speed 0 to 1
Absorption 0 to 1


I've always been fascinated by the medieval French era, I had the chance to read a whole lot about events that happened during the 13th century when I was younger from books my grandparents had in their library, one of the books had me hooked, it's topic: medieval warfare. I read the whole thing, I remember a paragraph mentioning the sword and at the time caught my eye, "Joyeuse" it was a great sword, it carried a lot of background, having french roots myself I still remembered it today, up until this event came up, hopefully, you enjoy this concept as much as I do!

Joyeuse - Wikipedia
Barbarians, marauders, and infidels : the ways of medieval warfare : Santosuosso, Antonio : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Good luck to everyone else!
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Oct 25, 2017

Name: Sosaku (Creation in Japanese), [&2&lS&aos&bak&9&lu]

Item: Sea Pickle

Lore: An artifact shining with the light of
creation, rumored to have helped Izanagi
form the Japanese Archipelego ages ago

Enchants: Infinity 10

Custom Enchants: Angel 2-4, Shield 1-3, Guards 1-2,

Attributes in offhand: -0.03 to -0.02 Speed, -0.4 to -0.2 Attack speed, +1 to +2 Armor toughness, +1 Armor (constant)

Behind the Relic: My personal goal with this relic was firstly to shed some more light on japanese mythology, and I figured Izanagi being the one who created Japan in the mythos would work for that as an introduction, secondly I wanted to make a fun unique defensive offhand that yes, does have some downsides but a very nice positive being the +armor

~Good Luck to everyone participating, have fun creating!
Feb 11, 2017
Name: Harpe - &7&lH&b&lar&7&lp&b&le or &8&lH&3&lar&8&lp&3&le

Material: Iron Sword

Charm: False

Lore: Rumour has it this sword belonged to (Perseus-color code? o.o) and was used to decapitate (Medusa-color-code? o.o).

Enchantments + Ranges (0 means it won't have the enchant, ex: Mending: 0-1 is a chance for mending):
Unbreaking 6-9
Sharpness 6-9
Smite 4-6
Bane of athropods 4-6

Custom Enchants + Ranges:
Light weight 1-4
Curse of the undead

Attributes (Hand, Off Hand, Chest, Legs, Feet, Head):
No attributes

Ok ok it's op but isn't the sterling very similar?
Jul 16, 2020
Name: &2&lDiony&a&lsus&2&lTi&a&lger&2&lSk&ain
Material: Diamond Armor or Leather Armor Dyed Orange

Charm: False

Lore: (In Gray) The True Cloth Of The Drunk God

Enchantments + Ranges
Unbreaking 4-6
Protection 4-7
Curse of Vanishing 1

Custom Enchants + Ranges:
Necromancer 1-3 Or Guards 1-3 ( Dionysus had a cult so some sort of protection)
Well Fed 1-2

Attributes (Hand, Off Hand, Chest, Legs, Feet, Head):
Max Health -2
Speed -0.4
Knockback Resis -0.5


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