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Top Voter has returned for the month of February!
There are many changes being trialed this month so please bear with us. The major change is the way winners are chosen. In the past we have gone strictly off the top 10 voter list. Starting in February we will instead be pulling winners from a Voter Lottery!

How will the lottery work?
There are in fact 2 lotteries: A General Voter Lottery and a Top Voter Lottery.
Every single vote gains the player an entry into the General Voter Lottery.
The 174, 186, and 204 votes each gain the player 1 entry into the Top Voter Lottery.

At the end of the month the lotteries will have winners chosen. 3 players will be pulled from the Top Voter Lottery for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 4th-10th place will be pulled from the General Voter Lottery. This does mean more players will have a chance at the Voter prizes, while guaranteeing that the most devoted voters are still rewarded for their efforts.

Have the prizes changed?
Yes. Prizes have been adjusted to better match a new economy post reset.
1st: $16 voucher & 3 Mae Keys OR 15 Rift Keys
2nd: $8 voucher & 2 Mae Keys OR 10 Rift Keys
3rd: $8 voucher & 1 Mae Key OR 5 Rift Keys
4th place: 8 Mythic Keys OR 16 Ancient Keys
5th place: 7 Mythic Keys OR 14 Ancient Keys
6th place: 6 Mythic Keys OR 12 Ancient Keys
7th place: 5 Mythic Keys OR 10 Ancient Keys
8th place: 4 Mythic Keys OR 8 Ancient Keys
9th place: 3 Mythic Keys OR 6 Ancient Keys
10th place: 2 Mythic Keys OR 4 Ancient Keys

Will Claiming Prizes be any Different?
Yes! But only in that you no longer need to make a ticket to claim your prize. Prizes will be automatically sent out within 24 hours of the announcement for Vote Lottery winners.

Are these changes permanent?
Short answer: Yes
Long answer: We are trialing a number of changes and while we do expect them to remain, unforeseen issues may result in new methods being trialed. We will keep you posted if anything changes!
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