Scamming Ban Appeal for Kyrim05

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Oct 13, 2018
IGN: Kyrim05
Reason for ban: Scamming
Length of ban: Permanent
Appeal: Whenever I was doing the thing I dident have 400k and I was just hoping I would win to try to get a free 400k. But when I lost the coinflip I realized I shouldn't of done it then I played it of as I dident know it was for the 400k and I messed up and I regret it now and I have put time and money into this server and it is my favorite server. if I were to get unbanned I wouldn't try to scam anyone especially over a coinflip and I wouldn't do a coinflip if I dident have the money. So I ask that if I could please get unbanned and have one more chance to play this amazing server. I wont scam again if I were unbanned or even try and I wont do coinflips I don't have the money for!


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May 2, 2018
The Netherlands
Hi there, Kyrim05!

First, by agreeing to a coinflip you knew you had no possible way of paying, you intentionally scammed. Under normal circumstances, this would not be as severe a consequence. However, you have over a year of reported scamming on Maestrea, which leads us to believe that this is highly intentional behavior with little or no chance of change.

Links to the previous reports of the same behavior are here, here, and here - apparently despite your claims of innocent mistakes, you continued with behavior that scams other players out of their money or lives.

Appeal denied, thread closed.
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