September 2021 Build Event - Last Build Event before Reset!


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May 2, 2018
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Unfortunately, the August Build Event had no winners due to lack of participation. Thanks to KazooKat_ and fudgelette for your outstanding carnival builds!

The September build event will require at least 5 completed entries to be judged

Welcome to the September 2021 Build Event!
This month's theme is...

Build created by u/GalaThundR on reddit

Our staff team is getting into the thick of preparations for our big reset, and due to our reduced time for other things, this will be our final build event before we do the reset - but whoooo boy is it a doozy!

This build event is an opportunity for your build to be featured in the post-reset Maestrean dungeons! You read that right, your build will be featured in live content for players to enjoy! We'll also be looking for fun and creative ways to credit your build for people to enjoy every time they run through that dungeon!

To further inspire your builds, our dungeon supervisor would like to let you know that this build should reflect this prompt:
"A deep ravine filled with dark magic is gradually consuming the lake. What do you find at the bottom of the ravine?"
Some of her suggestions include a giant cave, a ritual chamber, or even underwater hellspawn rising from the depths!

Builds that do not meet these requirements will be disqualified
• Must be an enclosed area
• Must be entirely filled with water
• Must include at least 2 areas with conduits that are obvious to players (so they can avoid drowning)

Deadline is September 25th.

- Plots sizes are set to 100 x 100 (yes, that's bigger than normal!)
- Builders cannot win first place (unless they have not won before)
- World Edit is permitted

- No plagiarizing or copying builds
- Keep somewhat within the theme
- And most importantly have fun!

To claim a plot use /plot auto [or] /plot claim
To change the biome do /plot biome (biome name)
To delete a plot use /plot clear

First Place Prize:
Architect title [or] $16 Voucher, 1 Maestrean Key, and 1 Title Key
For our Skyblockers: 1x Zeppelin Key and 4x Rift Keys
AND your build will be immortalized in the future Maestrean Dungeon!

Second Place Prize:
4 mythic keys, 1 Maestrean Key, and 1 Title Key
For our Skyblockers: 1x Zeppelin Key and 8x Rift Keys

Third Place Prize:
1 Maestrean Key, and 1 Title Key
For our Skyblockers: 1x Zeppelin Key and 4x Rift Keys

Good luck building and have fun!


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Dec 26, 2018
Woooo! Dungeon Time!

Also for anyone who has never used conduits, there are now examples of the blocks needed for them at the spawn of the Build Event world. Size of the frames are entirely up to builder. Feeling nice? Cover the entire arena. Want to watch the world drown? Make them 16 blocks only (but players do have to be able to get within that 16 block)


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Jan 20, 2019
M....murderfish o_O
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