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    Sep 14, 2017
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    Minecraft Username: sharpie2271
    Age(Required for reference, no age limit): 18
    Do you have teamspeak?: I do have it but I am not familiar with it.
    Server Play time (use /rank): 1 Day 2 Hours
    Prefered Style Of building:
    - My prefered style is medieval, I know all sorts of different variations of medieval building.
    - I am also good at fitting the buildings with their environment and making them flow and compliment each other.
    - Interior decor is also another thing I do well, I don't want my home to look nice on the outside but walk in to a box. I like the home to flow all the way through from the landscape its on down to the flowers inside the home.
    - I have also done some greek building.
    Earlier experience in working on a build team: I was builder on a previous server but life got in the way. I helped build multiple medieval towns and also a greek spawn town. Any old civilizations are fun to build to me.
    In your own words tell us why you want to become a builder: When I get on the server all I am doing is building my town. I get on and build and that is pretty much it, I am currently working on finishing my town. I feel that if that is what I do when I get on the server that I should put my skills to use for the server. I love being apart of things bigger than just one person but about a community. The builders help set the mood for the players of the server by the way they build.

    Finally, show us some examples of past builds (2+ Required): Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
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    Sep 27, 2016
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    Application Denied. Please reapply in one month's time.
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