Silence preventing defense armour effects: gross.

May 15, 2019
In dungeons, there are different tiers of armor. Some have a percentage boost to all damage done, others have a speed boost, and some have a defense skill. Only the defense skills are weak against enemy mob attacks/ skills because of silence: which is ridiculous considering the armours with defence stats rarely come with any non-silenceable perks. Ever.

Soulbound just got a huge nerf and didn't get rebalanced, illyas is supposed to prevent wither effect (that's it), but it pretty much doesn't. And while they're struggling to be viable, void cuirass and even the lowly soul menders are having a hay day with infinite Regen.

What I'm suggesting is have some armours' effects negate the silence effect: because it's unfair it takes 1 instance to unleash a "Soul Crusher", but defense items like illyas are losing usefulness in every situation you'd literally want them in.

Ideas and suggestions/ criticisms welcome :)
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