Silent Donations


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Nov 22, 2018
Can we have an option that will silence notifications if a user donates, For expample, if I dontate I absolutely hate it saying that i did, Id appreciate it if there was an option to make it silent to the server....
You can, in the meantime, while this is being reviewed/considered, just pick someone who doesn't have a rank yet and buy one in their name, you get to donate and someone gets a rank, it's a win/win! And you can do it all from the shadows!
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Sep 7, 2018
i uh.. think that the OP meant something different.. at least, I took it that way... Like I took it tot he point of if "I" donate, can the server not tell the whole server that "I" bought something.. I went a lil crazy a few months back and bought a lot of things all at once, and it was quite embarrassing for the chat to tell the whole world... I mean, i don't think i will be doing that again... but Maybe??? thats what the OP was referring to?
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