Silvers Apology

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Mar 20, 2020
IGN: SilverMC
Reason for ban: Duping
Length of ban: Perma
Appeal: some may remember me, most probably don't but i was a player that got banned back in 2018 for duping. I am not here to ask for an unban as i am aware of my crimes, but i just want to apologize for all the bad things i have done back in the old times. i know the issue is not just that i duped and what not (although that's a very large part of it), or that i logged on with an alt account after the ban to avoid it which got me ip banned. but also the fact that i could be a bit toxic at times, just want the admins to know i hold no grudges against anyone and apologize for misbehavior.
Proof(If needed):
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