Silvers Ban Appeal

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Mar 20, 2020
IGN: SilverMC
Reason for ban: Duping
Length of ban: Permanent
Appeal: For several good reasons i have been banned for over 600 days. Reason for the current ban may be Duping but i have gathered quite a collection of rule violations, Toxicity, Griefing, TP killing, Duping, you name it and i have probably done it at some point. not only that but this is also not my first ban appeal or my first time being given a second chance. and just top it all off i was not only banned here but also Elyssia which is merging with this server, so in a summary i have the perfect record of being a general As**ole.

So why do i still bother showing up after all this time and appealing despite knowing my low chances? i absolutely LOVE this community and the server atmosphere, i started playing back in 2015-16 and there are still people on the server from that time period which speaks a lot about this servers community. the server itself is never stagnant and always experiences new additions which makes it that much more unique, i could talk about this for hours but that would derail the appeal too much. my point is not to pat the Staff Members on the back (although they deserve it for building a server like this) but to underline how much this server means to me, i will not risk getting banned again.

I am sorry for all the trouble i have caused for the staff and at times even for the server economy as a whole with the whole Duping stunt i pulled, my word considering my past actions is not worth much but i will say i have changed since then. The only way left to prove that i have changed and redeem my past actions is through positive actions.

Admins that know me will be skeptical that i have changed but around 2 years is a large time period, i only want the final chance to prove that i have changed.
Proof(If needed):
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Dec 26, 2018
Hi there SilverMC! Thanks for making an appeal.

It was discussed by the upper staff team and due to the severity, it was decided to deny your appeal.

Appeal Denied.
Closing Thread.
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