Skyblock St Patricks Day Event + Giveaway!


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Dec 21, 2016
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Introducing Skyblock 2.0's very first event, and it's gonna be a good one!
Are you feeling lucky? A little bird told me that a leprechaun has been jumping around the islands, depositing goodies for you to collect and make!
So get your pots of gold ready, put on your Irish dancing shoes, and read on...

* * * Items * * *
Throughout the event, you will be able to find a few items that you can collect or use to craft even more exciting things. These items will be strictly limited edition and only found on the distant islands of Skyblock!

The Jiggy title is exclusive to the Skyblock's St Patricks Day Event! Found in the Pot of Gold!

Treasure Shards are the main item you will need to find during the event.
They can be found inside of Skypacks, by voting on Skyblock on the vote sites, and inside of the Crates (at /crates).
Use 4x shards to craft a Pot Of Gold! They are also used to craft the Clover Tagger.

Update: You can now get Treasure Shards with every vote from a vote site on Skyblock! (Do /vote sites in-game!)

The Four Leaf Clover can be found in the Pot of Gold and used to craft the Clover Tagger - Skyblock's first tagger!

Irish Jig is a collectible found in the Pot of Gold, and used for the Tagger recipe!

2020-03-09_10.41.34 - Copy.png 2020-03-14_10.08.27.png
There are also many other cool items to collect!​

* * *

* * * Recipes * * *
All recipes are crafted in /ccraft

The Clover Tagger is a stylish tagger that can be added to any weapon, tool or armor piece you choose! There are 4 different colors to collect!
But be warned - the tagger could fail. Hope luck is on your side...
Crafted with 2x Irish Jig, 8x Treasure Shards, and 1x Four Leaf Clover

The Pot Of Gold hides many secret items and goodies inside. Right-click to open it and see if you were lucky or not! You can find the Leprechaun armor set, special St Patricks Day fireworks, an exclusive title, and Skyblock items too!
Crafted with 4x Treasure Shards

* * *

But wait, there's more!

* * * Lucky Giveaway! * * *
In good-ole St Patrick Day fashion, we are giving away prizes to 5 lucky winners!
All you have to do is leave your In-Game-Name in a comment below, and you're in! Good luck!

The Giveaway will be drawn on the 21st of March with a random username generator.
Winners will be contacted in-game or on Discord and will receive their prizes in their Ender Chests.

Congratulations to all who participated!

1st Place
1x $8.00 USD Store Voucher
Green Chat Color

2nd Place
1x $8.00 USD Store Voucher

3rd Place
1x Zeppelin Key

4th Place
32x Bonus Keys

5th Place
8x Ancient Keys

* * *

We hope you enjoy the very first Skyblock 2.0 Event!
- Skyblock Team

A big thanks to Lad and Luna for the banner, and to Tribe and Jare for getting the items working.
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Good luck to everyone!
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