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Aug 21, 2016
Indiana USA
Welcome to skyblock.

First things first, when you join skyblock you want to /is (if you are joining someone else's island wait and read further)
When picking an island the level of difficulty is the only large difference. After your first day on skyblock is passed most peoples islands are completely different from the original. (the most common island is the turtle one)

To play with multiple people on your island the island leader has to invite the other members to the island. /is invite [username]
-The reason that you should be on an island before you do anything is that when you join/reset an island your inventory, balance $, and /challenges reset as well.

If you screw up ie lose your saplings/lava and can't move on do not fret there are many kind skyblock players that can help. if you would rather not be helped by them you can reset your island. But remember you will lose your inventory and your money.
- - -
$Money in skyblock$
Money in Skyblock mostly comes from selling items to the server's /shop

There are other means of obtaining money in skyblock such as
Selling items to other players
Money sacks from vote crates, skypacks, and the cloud fragment trader
*room for further ways in future*

- - -
Fragment Trader

The Fragment trader is at spawn you can get a lot from him.

- - -

Skypacks are rewards for collecting 25 of an essence of working on a certain type of grinding.

You get each type of essence from the types of grinding you do on skyblock
each skypack essence has a corresponding tool and title that are sometimes in with the normal rewards

As for the special rewards and how to get the essence
Sap Chopping wood
Lumber's Axe

Crystal Breaking ores (not silk touch)
Miner's Pickaxe
Dew Farming
Farmer's Hoe

Skypack Essence Crushing skypack tools
Bedrockium Pickaxe

Silk Shearing sheep
Shearer's Shears

Soul Slaying mobs
Slayer's Sword

Fish Bone Fishing
Fisher's Pole
Other skyblock titles and how to get them
Explorer & Adventurer - Hidden spawn titles
Cloudie - Fragment trader
Zephyr - Max skyblock rank
Floater - Vote Crate
Wanderer - Bonus Crate
Aurora - Ancient Crate
/Challenges ~ Is a reward system for collecting materials and completing actions on skyblock. some are hard but rewarding
and others can be easy and satisfactory. There are many challenges and will be more being made in the future.
Sorry best i could do with image sizing
- - -
Auto farms
As far as auto farms go it is very hard for me to put instructions into words and the screenshot examples don't seem to help a lot of people. They are the major money maker on skyblock so they are very important. I have physical builds with instructions on signs at my islands and
I am always willing to help a player by showing them builds from scratch or just with any and all questions.

You can get to my island's tutorial by using /is warp Hermit_King



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Aug 21, 2016
Indiana USA
It has come to my attention that Staff is planning something new and big for skyblock So I will continue to update this tutorial after that
has been added to the server for me to make a full write up.
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