Spawning Elder Guardians For Diver (Custom Item)


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Feb 21, 2016
Since I put my workers on Diver I'm getting impatient with the last few levels. You know me, once something bothers me, I come up with a solution.

I propose we provide a custom item recipe/custom recipe that gives an Elder Guardian spawn egg (not used in changing spawner types). The payout/exp might need to get reworked, but Elder Guardians could be the equivalent to spawning Withers for other jobs. Attached is my suggested material cost: 4 Dark Prismarine blocks, 4 Gold blocks, and 1 Sea Lantern.

Considering a single Ocean Monument houses 8 gold blocks within a dark prismarine casing, I thought it would be a fitting and balanced recipe, also considering that 2 Elder Guardians can spawn in a single Monument. This wouldn't be too difficult to implement, and it would make the Diver job more interesting and useful.

Elder Guardian Custom Item.png
(Suggested Crafting Recipe/Materials for Custom Item)


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Mar 30, 2019
Michigan, United States
Hey there KingWither,

Thank you for making this suggestion! I like the idea a lot and the Economy Team will be looking further into it and how it would function. Keep in mind it may not function / be used exactly how you described it, but the feature itself is very cool and will be looked into!
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