Mar 22, 2020
Reason for ban: "Considering further findings, previous ban has been extended to 1 month.
Length of ban: 30 days
Appeal: I cannot appeal as I don't even know why I was banned. This is just to ask why.
Proof: None needed right now


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Jan 12, 2019
Hey Squishy, there were a number of reasons for your extended ban hence them not being listed in the ban message. Here's everything, including the actions that got you the original ban:
- The extensive planned raiding of a town that was only made possibly by the dishonesty of Hanna who was also been banned for that same length.
- Intentionally going around putting your own spin on the situation to stir up drama and try to get people on your side for, I imagine, this exact situation we're in now.
- Harassing players that you seem to have some sort of personal issue with to try and completely ruin their experience on the server. Possibly with the intention of making them quit but I won't sit here trying to guess at what your motivations were or were not, I'll just stick to the plain facts.
- Failure to follow clear instruction from Staff about what we required from your after your initial ban, including going back again to continue raiding after being explained to and agreeing that you why it would be considering against the rules and agreeing you would never have done it with that knowledge.
- Failing to surrender or admit all items raided, still trying to keep some after the fact. Pairing that with extensive complaining about too many items being removed, an unfortunate side effect of your multiple raids and would never have happened if we didn't have to pursue and resolve that additional raiding I mentioned earlier.

I think that just about covers everything, so as you can see quite a lot too much to fit all in one ban message. I'll leave this open for your response if you would like to make one, but I would encourage you to consider your arguments carefully. Everything that I've listed here we have proof and evidence to back up and we're more than willing to show it if necessary, I've just held off on that for now in case you decide to agree to all my above listed points and wait out the ban.
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