St. Patrick's Day Event 2021


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May 2, 2018
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Greetings and Salutations dear Maestreans!

Our theme for St. Patrick's Day this year is "How Lucky Can You Get?" We're enjoying all things lucky!

We have also tried to integrate more sound cues into some of our questing, so for those of you who play with sound on, enjoy!

Pot O' Gold Lottery

Our little Pog is bursting at the seams - as of this posting the "pot" is $1,287,500 and we still have 3 days until the winner is chosen! Keep voting, each vote gives you a chance at the grand prize!


Maestrea's Rainbow Road

We are bringing you another new race, this time atop the majestic steeds of St. Patrick! Every 4-6 hours (we hope) we'll be running this race with a single reward to the winner of the race! Good luck!


Leprechaun's Maze

Throughout spawn, cursed leprechauns are popping up to steal all our gold! But we can turn the tables on them - if you manage to catch (and hit) one of the little leprechauns, you will be transported to a maze filled with treasures they've found.

Be careful, though! If the ANGRY leprechauns catch you, you'll be sent right back to spawn!

Hidden within this maze are multiple unique event collectibles as well as our coveted MARCH CALENDAR PIECE.

Most chests will have an hour cooldown, the calendar piece can only be taken once.


St. Patrick's Themed Items
As you participate in these events, you are likely to earn some shiny shamrocks. You can use these to buy some very pretty taggers from Vance, or perhaps a lovely new pet... or maybe even this event exclusive title! If you enjoy a little gamble, you can purchase a tagger kit for a guaranteed 3-5 taggers and a chance for the...


Hidden Brew
We have once again hidden 4 ingredients to a mystery brew in spawn. Keep your eyes peeled for the indication that an ingredient is near! There is also a second mystery brew hidden in this forum post! Good luck!


The Cursed Island
Trumbull checked his inventory list a third time and frowned. The stores he and his friends had left were dwindling and he did not dare burden the kind people around him for handouts. But a new face had given him an idea. While the players of Maestrea were zooming about and playing Cupid, a new vendor, Vance, had arrived with tales of a myriad of places.

One of those places was an island covered in gold. Perhaps this would be the way Trumbull and his friends could finally start restocking their supplies.

... naturally, his plan couldn't proceed without a few hiccups along the way.

Wander on over and speak to Trumbull to see if you can help our friends once more!!

This event runs for the week commencing March 15th so be sure to get all your grinding done in time, and good luck Maestreans.

5 soulgems. Mietm forgot. Sorry.
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