Summer Event 2021


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This event contains a calendar piece for the 2021 yearly title!
Greetings Maestreans! Our Summer event has officially closed!

For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, summer is again upon us and to celebrate the solstice* we're having a grand event!


Jim was doing his daily fishing, and he was startled when he realized the beautiful banana ship west of spawn was GONE!


If you speak with our friends in spawn, they will all direct you to the strange statue Mitch has left behind, outside Jack's place (/warp statue). There isn't going to be a warp to the sugar island right away, you'll need to rub the statue's banana belly by double right-clicking!


WARNING: You will not be able to take any non-event items into the event world! Please leave your armor and inventory behind! You -will- be able to take event items in and out of the world!

It seems our lovable sugar drunkard is at it again. He smashed right through the world border with the boat...and is now enjoying a whole host of sugar Tiki drinks on the beach.


There is also another familiar face on the island!


We've found one of Shady's vacation spots! Here, he will have a selection of armors and weapons you can use for the low, low price of coconuts. You can get these coconuts by doing favors for our NPCs or simply finding fun things around the island.

Some of these NPCs will reward you a Summer Key, or you could buy one from Lance. These keys will grant you access to the Summer Crate, which is located on the aft deck of the ship at /warp statue.


One of the great prizes within the summer crate is the brand new TROPICAL title!


You will need to complete at least 8 banana tasks before you can travel to the jungle plateau where the more difficult creatures are. Visit the following npcs for your tasks:
  • Jack - spawn
  • Jim - spawm
  • Smitty - spawn
  • Mitch - Ulupoo
  • Chad - Ulupoo
  • DJ Tiki - Ulupoo
  • Dan Cook - Ulupoo
  • Dory - Ulupoo (just keep swimming, just keep swimming...)
If you complete all 8 tasks at least one time (they are all repeatable), the statues will grant you access to the jungle plateau and the caves within the mountain. When you're in these zones, you can complete the quests for:
  • Sam Irwin
  • Marian
There are a whole host of beasties: ferocious fish in the waters, and should you make it to the plateau, there are monkeys, alligators, giraffes, tigers, parasites, and 5 mini bosses hidden within the caves!!

This isn't all we've got for you! We've gone 16 minutes of coconutty and as the drupes keep falling from the trees, you will need to find them! Should you happen to stumble across all 100, you will be given the June 21 title piece!

There are currently only 10 coconuts to be found. 10 coconuts will be added each day. At the end of week 1, all old coconuts will be removed and we'll start with 10 new locations!


We will also begin our weekly events by having several STRIDER RACES! The entrance to the race track is underwater, in the swim area of the island.


We may be having "tourney style" races, where we create brackets OR the first person to reach 3 wins collects our brand new weekly event title! Participants will be given keys to the weekly event crate!

These are static weekly event times - they will remain the same every week!
8pm Saturday Sydney
12noon Saturday Central Europe
11am Saturday GMT
6am Saturday Eastern North America

9am Sunday Sydney
1am Sunday Central Europe
midnight (between Saturday and Sunday) GMT
7pm Saturday Eastern

FINALLY!! We are ALSO having a hot summer sale! For the duration of the summer event you will find all items in our store at are 25% off. There is, additionally, a unique title available for those who wish to nab it before it's gone!


Get your sunscreen, find your flipflops, pack your swimsuit and let's go!!


Should you find the rotten coconuts, you can brew them into coconut currency!

The recipe is:
1 rotten coconut
3 arcane scrubbers

Brew for 7 minutes
Distill 5 times

You will receive a "Coconut Extractor" brew! Drink for free coconuts!

* We are truly sorry for the delay. To make this up to you all, the first time you complete Chad's quest on the island, you will receive an extra 50 event currency.
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there are going to be 140 coconuts total? we need 100 of em to make title, is that correct?


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The Netherlands
there are going to be 140 coconuts total? we need 100 of em to make title, is that correct?
Almost. The numbers are correct is so you can miss a few days, or not find them all and still be successful!

However, this is not to make a summer event title, that's in the summer crate. This is to get the June 21 calendar piece (for the 2021 title at the end of the year).