Oct 1, 2015

Ah, the good old taxes, the thing that keeps grownups awake at night and Maestrea's economy in a good(slightly better) shape.

As you know, town upkeep is taken at Noon(EST) every day and charges all towns $10 per plot, if the town is unable to pay this money it will disband.
On top of this, some towns have taxes for their residents, if they are unable to pay it, they are kicked from the town.

An addition to Maestrea Mark 2, aka Maestrea v2, Aka Maestrea Reborn, Aka the horrible misclick, is additional taxes! YAY
Everyone who has a balance (towns, nations, players, npcs (are there any of these?)) will be charged 1% of their balance every Monday at Noon(EST)

this means, if you have $100 on you(/balance) and $10,000 in your town balance(/town),
when the taxes hit, you will lose $1 and your town will lose $100, so overall you lose $101, big deal.
Lets say you have 30 plots, that's $300 per day, or $2,100 a week, meaning this won't really affect you that much, it'll be a slight increase in what you already pay, but for those of you who don't have a town, this is a way to take some money from you as well.

This is in no way to discourage you to play, hence the 1% weekly and not a more ridiculous amount like 10%, if you leave for a year and come back, you'll only have lost 39% of your balance and we won't have to do purges on players balances. this also helps remove some money when the economy gets too high and is overall just a small addition to the server.

  • You can check the time left till the might tax hammer hits with /tax.
  • Bank Notes aren't taxed, but they cost a bit to withdraw hence it might not being worth it
  • Dungeons will also have taxes, you cannot send it to there.
  • Money deposited in lottery, coin flips or other casino games will not be taxed, but the winner is taxed on their winning in turn taxing your hard wasted money.
  • if you have $0, you won't lose anything, but where will you hide the money? in your town? #NoTaxEvasion

Post questions below! :D


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Jun 29, 2017
Pennsylvania, USA
Ah yes, do you guys serve Boneless Pizzas here?


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Jul 14, 2016
So basically everyone is just going to move their wealth into assets, then sell off whenever they need liquid money.


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Feb 21, 2016
You're just going to make everyone keep credits instead of actual money. All it takes is credits to be stable and everyone will buy them on Sunday to avoid it. Players with 1 mil would lose 10k every week, not a big deal for them, but it's an extra thing nobody really wants or needs. Too small to make an impact and just annoying enough that people want to try and avoid it. Any extra tax without representation is gonna be a bad time. I vote no *shrugs*
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