The Halloween Event 2019


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Feb 8, 2016
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Hello Maestreans!

The spooky time of the year is finally here. And this time on Maestrea, it is bigger and better than ever.
Thanks to the combined efforts of our Content Team and Build Team we have cooked up something nice for you guys.
First, let's look at a part of the amazing map that was built just for this years event:

I think I am not exaggerating when I say that this map is the biggest and most detailed Event Map we have ever had.
We hope you guys enjoy it and find all the little spots and some punny Easter Eggs we hid.

Now, you guys are probably wondering, what is there to do this event?
Well, a bunch of old fashion, but also new fashion hacking and slashing!
First, there are 6 main mobs found around the map. These mobs are Wailing Ghosts, Creepy Crawlers, Unholy Witches, Stalker Phanthoms, Pumpkin Zombies and Manor Knights. Collect all their drops, and use them to craft the Mummy Title.
Besides these mobs there are also Lake Monsters and Vampire bats for you to chase around.

Next, instead of having a challenge boss with this years event, we have 4 spots on the map where you can find Mini-Bosses.
They are called Charles, Grog, Witch of the Forest and Alucard.
Some of them are tougher than others, so you might want to team up on them to ensure you stay alive.
These 4 Mini-Bosses all have a chance to drop a Pumpkin Shard, which can be used to craft the Resurrected Title.

All mobs in the event, also have a chance to drop Candy Corn, which is the main currency for this years event.
You can use Candy Corn to craft the titles, or to craft Halloween Keys to make a spooky gamble!
The crate can be found to the left of Dungeons spawn, but there is also one in the map itself.


Use /warp Halloween to get to the arena, and start slaying!

As always the drops and spawn chances are up for changing if necessary.
The event will end on November 6th, and also there is a 40% off Sale on our store!

We hope you guys have a spooky good time! Don't let the bats bite you ;)


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Nov 19, 2016
SeaWorld ;)
Sounds nice if will be able to play it - will test some other things at my end, tho on connect to arena my ping jumps so high that I'm no able to stay in and get kick to HUB, but on main world ping is normal 140+-10 all time.


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Sep 7, 2018
Wow, what a wonderful job guys! This event is awesome! Thank you for the time and effort you allot into it! Great job!
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