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Mar 27, 2020
A letter to the Maestrea team

Maestrea is an amazing server and has one of the most amazing and helpful communities, as well as a wonderful development team. Unfortunately, the playerbase has dropped over the times and even as much as I wish to return to playing on this server, I simply can’t.

Maestrea is an economy driven server, which all the other systems such as towny, dungeons, relics and crates rely on. However, there is an inherent flaw with the current jobs system. One of the most difficult things in game development is ensuring there are no cheeses within the game. It is a well-established fact that players will choose the path of least resistance when playing a game, even if that path is not fun or even boring.

With the current job’s mechanics, the easiest way to make money is to spend 15 mins grinding at a mob grinder, a task that is clearly no fun and requires no challenge whatsoever, simply pressing the mouse button over and over. This is the issue with Hellworker, Rancher and Hunter job, and is similar to most other jobs. Thus, when new players join and are recommended to grind out Hellworker to make money, while levelling the task might seem interesting, however upon reaching level 100 it becomes a chore.

It is simply frustrating having to dedicated 10-15 minutes every hour mindlessly clicking my mouse button in order to keep up with the economy. There is also a Fear OF Missing Out moment with this, as players feel like they have to hit the grind once an hour, or they miss out on potential money and time limit.

Ideally, in most money-making games, as the players levels up and begins to make more and more money their tasks change. Additionally, there is also an automatic system in place that makes money on their behalf, and although there are workers in place on Maestrea, they seem rather slow and ineffective – forcing the player into grinding.

I suggest that the job economy in Maestrea be revamped. It of course would be an enormous undertaking and could throw the balance of economy in the server out of place, however for the longevity of the server, I feel it is for the best. One positive I have with the jobs is the brewer job, which allows for large scale operation and automation, allowing players to actively work to monitor their brewing and having a large supply of brews to turn in.

I suggest that the jobs economy be revamped into tiers: Simple, Intermediate and Difficult. Players must firstly achieve level 100 in a simple job before moving onto the next tier. Simple jobs would be mindless tasks: grinding at spawners and similar. These would have a max pay of 25k per hour at level 100, which would incentivize players to move onto Intermediate jobs. These would require more work: lumberjacking/mining/farming and would pay a max of 66k per hour at level 100. Finally, difficult jobs would require a large set up and would require precise thought-out workings: for example, brewing (I would like for some jobs such as enchanting and jewelling to be changed to a similar style, requiring some effort rather than being mindless clicking). Difficult jobs would of course pay the most per hour, incentivizing players to play interesting jobs rather than being burnt out by constant grinding.

Additionally, I would hope that the hourly limit be changed to a daily, or ideally a weekly one, so that players that can only play on a schedule be able to keep up with those that can login every hour for 15 mins.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you take this into account. I wish to return to Maestrea, but currently the need to spend most of my time grinding boringly and aimlessly does not appeal to me.
Jul 27, 2020
I agree with this. Maestrea's playerbase has dropped to the single digit. This is also why I lose motivation and do not play as often as before. I am not saying all the staff, but some staff members have turned a blind eye and insist that the sever is actually growing.


1. More advertisement. Pay for featured advertisement, so that we stay on top and people will join

2. New content must be constant. You cannot wait for players to be burned out before you start releasing new stuff again. Otherwise they will leave.

3. We need an "in thing" game mode right now. Minigames, Prison, or maybe even Factions. These will not overlap with Maestrea towny.

4. Whatever Chaos_Naochii said ^^

I do hope that I did not waste my time typing these, and people will actually think about my suggestions. If the server does not improve then I might consider actually leaving for good
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