The Official Unofficial Collection Room Lottery!


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Dec 12, 2016
United Kingdom
Hello Maestreans!

Hope everyone is well. I have decided to create a lottery that's based in the collection room on the 3rd floor.
(Navigate through the event section, up a spiral staircase!)

How it works

Each Monday I will make a forum post like this one detailing what item is up for grabs in the lottery and at the end of the week on a Friday I will announce the winner!
What you need to do is rename a piece of paper with your IGN and drop it into the hoppers. Anvils are provided for the people that don't have access to /rename, you can also
get free paper from /as tp 42. Only 1 entry is allowed, if I notice 2 papers with your IGN on it i'll only count 1 of them and disregard the other.

Thank you for reading and good luck!

This weeks item giveaway

Winner: ItsTigga
8USD Voucher

If you have ideas or would like to add an item in next weeks lottery feel free to comment.
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