Top Voters - December 2018

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Jul 25, 2016
'straya mate
Greetings all Maestreans!
HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL! May your 2019 bring upon all kinds of joy and be 100x better than 2018! Hopefully those of you at the legal drinking age are feeling okay after the celebrations :)

Thanks to everyone for voting and supporting the server once again this November!

1st place: Flammablezeus - 210 votes

Reward: $32 /buy voucher AND 3x Maestrean Keys

2nd place: jediknight95 - 208 votes

Reward: $24 /buy voucher AND 2x Maestrean Keys

3rd place: Arcanium_1 - 190 votes

Reward: $16 /buy voucher AND 1x Maestrean Keys

4th place: Novalla & Mietm - 189 votes

Reward: 8 Mythic keys

5th place: Pyragoy - 185 votes

Reward: 7 Mythic keys

6th place: LittleMuffi - 183 votes

Reward: 6 Mythic keys

7th place: Vortex_Symphony - 182 votes

Reward: 5 Mythic keys

8th place: BrewskiDog - 181

Reward: 4 Mythic keys

8th place: lewapro - 180

Reward: 3 Mythic keys

Congratulations to all the top voters and thank you for supporting the server!

All rewards will be found in your Ender Chest !
(Coupon winners, please make a ticket on Discord!)

All of us on the staff team would like to thank you all for a fantastic year in 2018!
Hope you enjoy January and all that 2018 has to bring, don't forget to stay epic!
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