Top Voters - January 2019

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Jul 25, 2016
'straya mate
Greetings all Maestreans!
What a crazy month January has been for Maestrea! Who knew we'd be merging with Elyssia and growing our family even more? Bright future ahead for the server for everyone :)

Thanks to everyone for voting and supporting the server once again this January!

Maestrea Top Voters:

1st place: X_Storm & Mietm - 222 votes

Reward: $32 /buy voucher AND 3x Maestrean Keys

2nd place: dlav - 218 votes

Reward: $24 /buy voucher AND 2x Maestrean Keys

3rd place: jediknight95 - 208 votes

Reward: $16 /buy voucher AND 1x Maestrean Keys

4th place: Arcanium_1 - 205 votes

Reward: 8 Mythic keys

5th place: Ludvaf - 203 votes

Reward: 7 Mythic keys

Elyssia Top Voters:

1st place: Santa__Bob - 113 votes

Reward: $32 /buy voucher AND 5x Arcana Items

2nd place: xtelita - 101 votes

Reward: $24 /buy voucher AND 4x Arcana Items

3rd place: Bob_Unlikely - 98 votes

Reward: $16 /buy voucher AND 3x Arcana Item

4th place: TailsTheFox74 - 94 votes

Reward: 2 Arcana Items

5th place: Zemoa - 94 votes

Reward: 1 Arcana Item

Top 10 Voters this month
Santa__Bob - 113
xtelita - 101
Bob_Unlikely - 98
TailsTheFox74 - 94
Zemoa - 94
Note: Next month, the votes will be combined across both servers. This format is for this month only.

Congratulations to all the top voters and thank you for supporting the server!

All rewards will be found in your Ender Chest !
(Coupon winners, please make a ticket on Discord!)

All of us on the staff team would like to thank you all for another great voting month!
Hope you enjoy February and start planning your Valentine's Day! Don't forget to stay awesome!
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