Top Voters - July 2021


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May 2, 2018
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Greetings Maestreans!

Thank you all for voting and supporting the server in the month of July!

1st place: kellin70 - 219 votes

Reward: $32 /buy voucher AND EITHER 3x Maestrean Keys OR 15x Skyblock Rift keys

2nd place: jediknight95 - 216 votes

Reward: $24 /buy voucher AND EITHER 2x Maestrean Keys OR 10x Skyblock Rift keys

3rd place: Mietm - 212 votes

Reward: $16 /buy voucher AND EITHER 1x Maestrean Key OR 5x Skyblock Rift keys

4th place: pyrokarl - 209 votes

Reward: 8x Mythic Keys OR 16x Skyblock Rift keys

5th place: Blank__ - 209 votes

Reward: 7x Mythic Keys OR 14x Skyblock Rift keys

6th place: Arcanium_1- 208 votes

Reward: 6x Mythic Keys OR 12x Skyblock Rift keys

7th place: Nethermourn - 200 votes

Reward: 5x Mythic Keys OR 10x Skyblock Rift keys

8th place: noirdes - 186 votes

Reward: 4x Mythic Keys OR 8x Skyblock Rift keys

9th place: macswagking - 177 votes

Reward: 3x Mythic Keys OR 6x Skyblock Rift keys

10th place: KingWither - 174 votes

Reward: 2x Mythic Keys OR 4x Skyblock Rift keys

Congratulations to all the top voters and thank you for supporting the server!
Please make a ticket on our Discord, listing which rewards you choose!

We on the Staff Team would like to thank you all for another great voting month and your continuing support!
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