Top Voters - November 2021


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May 2, 2018
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Greetings Maestreans!

Important announcements:

1) DaRealSalty, kellin70, arcanium_1, TribeMan, Nethermourn and BZing, you may make tickets on Discord anytime in December to receive your missing vouchers.

2) Vote rewards will be suspended in the month of December while we implement and revise our new voting system.

Thank you all for voting and supporting the server in the month of November!
Claim your rewards before December 31!*

1st place: jediknight95 - 215 votes

Reward: $32 /buy voucher AND EITHER 3x Maestrean Keys OR 15x Skyblock Rift keys

2nd place: Getsteveed - 210 votes

Reward: $24 /buy voucher AND EITHER 2x Maestrean Keys OR 10x Skyblock Rift keys

3rd place: kellin70 - 208 votes

Reward: $16 /buy voucher AND EITHER 1x Maestrean Key OR 5x Skyblock Rift keys

4th place: pyrokarl - 205 votes

Reward: 8x Mythic Keys OR 16x Skyblock Ancient keys

5th place: Arcanium_1 - 202 votes

Reward: 7x Mythic Keys OR 14x Skyblock Ancient keys

6th place: TribeMan - 198 votes

Reward: 6x Mythic Keys OR 12x Skyblock Ancient keys

7th place: DaRealSalty - 197 votes

Reward: 5x Mythic Keys OR 10x Skyblock Ancient keys

8th place: Nethermourn - 190 votes

Reward: 4x Mythic Keys OR 8x Skyblock Ancient keys

9th place: BZing - 186 votes

Reward: 3x Mythic Keys OR 6x Skyblock Ancient keys

10th place: noirdes - 174 votes

Reward: 2x Mythic Keys OR 4x Skyblock Ancient keys


Congratulations to all the top voters and thank you for supporting the server!
Please make a ticket on our Discord, listing which rewards you choose!
*Waiting too long to claim your rewards = no rewards!​

We on the Staff Team would like to thank you all for another great voting month and your continuing support!
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