Town of Davenport (House Yronwood)

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Sep 14, 2017

If you are reading this you must be interested in finding a town! Well look no further because Davenport is surely just the town! Thanks for taking time to read this! Please feel free to leave feedback on what you think of my ideas and maybe leave an idea you have! Also if you would like to join the town message or mail me. (IGN: sharpie2271).

What is Davenport?:

Davenport is a town located far from center world. Davenport aims to capture a medieval sense, with all of the current homes and buildings being prebuilts that are available for purchase. The town is at the base of a mountain (The Wintery Bluff and has a lake (Knight’s Cove) directly north. There's a wall on the North and East sides with the mountain protecting the West and a river protecting the South. Davenport will be one of many villages, the villages will be connecting by paths and will still be apart of the town of Davenport. This helps me to not have to create a nation and I can have say over the land instead of adding towns to a nation. This will help the town's stay unified. Davenport will be considered the Capital city.

What is planned?:


I plan to have farmland for sale outside the city walls and maybe a warehouse district if someone would like to buy as more storage. There will also be a shopping district full of prebuilt shops that will be available for purchase. These shops will have a higher plot tax.


I plan to implement guilds into the city, there will be an application process once I have all of the kinks worked out, as of right now these are the requirements. If you have any ideas on what positives being apart of a House could do please share! I am out of ideas. Maybe they could have specific trades? I am not sure.

  • Must have Knight Rank (Server)

  • Have a central meeting hall/ guild hall

  • Have 3 people willing to pledge to your house

  • Pay $5000 that will be placed into the town bank


House of Yronwood

Head of House: sharpie2271

Sigil: Blue Lion

House Members: “I'm Lonely”

Seat: Davenport

Photos of the City
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