Towny Summer Event 2020


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May 18, 2019
Welcome to the Summer Event of 2020!
This event is divided into 3 weeks, and as of right now only Week 1 is revealed. Keep an eye on this forum post about future parts of the event.

Week 1

As its summer, bugs have come crawling out everywhere (as they do). Turns out, our very own crafter found a preserver or collector of some kind somewhere and has got us some deals. He'll give you a Mystery Shell for 8 Insect Wings. Kill those insects, get the wings, and get yourself some goodies out of the Mystery Shell. You will randomly hear some buzzing around you. This means there's a bug around you that you should poke.

Seems there is also another item with voting, you get a Daisy. The custom crafter also found a daisy collector; whose on their way into town. Make sure you save those since from what I hear, you're gonna need them.

Week 2

Some darn parrots stole all the July 4th stuff from the town villagers and they need your help to get rid of the parrots so they don't lose more than they already have. Get rid of the parrots at spawn and collect some seeds to make a crate key and get some rewards. Daisy collector should be here next week (hopefully).

Used 8 Seeds (Parrot Food) you get from the parrots to craft a Summer Event Week 2 Crate Key. The Parrots will be roaming around in spawn.
(Props to Kris for some suggestions) 2020-07-11_12.55.48.png

According to my calculations, bees will be here for a couple more days.

Week 3

Seems there's something different about the Summer Week 2 crate. Go check it out! Also, the custom crafter has some new deals thanks for the Daisy Collector, go give him a visit as well. I hope you've been voting!

There are also 2 new items for the Farmer set

(Keep an eye out for more things/deals from the Daisy Collector)

There is a new NPC in town (spawn) called the Entertainer, he looks very familiar. You can find him in /spawn.
Talking to him will give you a quest when completed might give something nice (without pain this time).

Happy Hunting!
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