Uncle's Appeal

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Aug 8, 2020
IGN: TouchyUncle69
Reason for ban: It gives me an autoban code, I can provide a screenshot because it's really hard to read.
Length of ban: Doesn't say
Appeal: I was digging out a hole straight to bedrock, and with my dodgy internet I randomly will dc. It has never been a problem with other servers but with this one when I dced, it kicked me out and said you are sending too many packets. Then, it wouldn't let me back in and said I was banned (following image).
Proof(If needed):



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Dec 26, 2018
Hi There Touchy. Thanks for making an appeal!

I actually did a bit of testing on this and can tell you that the "too many packets" kick is caused by one of two things: significant lag spikes or alteredclients/autoclickers. While I understand unstable connections do happen and can be quite frustrating, we have no way to prove which reason caused the kick. The ban is an autoban that occurs when too many clicks per second (cps) are detected. Again, it is feasible that you had a significant lag spike causing all the clicks to register at once, but there is no way to prove one way or the other unfortunately.

As this is the first time this has occurred, I am willing to take you at your word. You are unbanned effective immediately. Unfortunately any future issues will be your responsibility. I would highly recommend trying to play on a more stable connection if possible, or simply trying to watch for the lag spikes and stopping all activity until your connection catches up.

We hope to see you on the server soon!
Appeal Accepted.
Thread Closed.

Edit: It may require an admin to undo an autoban it seems. Your ban will be lifted as soon as one is available if it is not already.
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