Updating the Dungeons Trader UI


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Jan 23, 2019
Im used to the Dungeon trader now and it come by second nature now of which item goes where in it, however looking on it makes me feel cramped and uneasy sometimes. So sprucing it up and keeping it organized would be lovely for users and content makers to add more content.

Ive made a mock up of how it could be, so ill explain how it would work:

This would be the main page, with three items to indicate pages. Sword for weapon and armour. Bread is consumables. and Chest is buyables. The items on the bottom are ,from left to right, the sealed token, bg token, and unpowered token and the command blocks are the condense and stats.

This is the Consumable Page

The Buyables Page

And The Weapons and Armour Page.

The piston indicates the "back to main"

Aswell in consumables, adding a "shift click to buy a X amount of item" would be useful since consumables runs out really fast and having a quick way to buy them would ease spam clicking it all the time.

Downside to this would be learning and getting used to the new way for older players. However , polishing up and organizing would look nice and great for more room to play with to add more things.

Thank you
I think if enough items were introduced that it became necessary to have these sectioned out (and I do hope there will eventually be), this is a wonderful idea to keep in mind. It looks great!

As it stands now, I think from a user interface perspective it'd be introducing unneeded clicks and having users relearn an interface that most already know.

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Jul 25, 2016
'straya mate
I personally would love to see this implemented. Although, with how the current dungeon trader is coded, setting it up like this is not possible and to set it up like this would require a recode and there are currently higher priorities at the moment.

But definitely one day we will see something like this!
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