Valentine Event 2020


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May 18, 2019
Happy Valentine's Day
Yes, I'm aware there's still a week for it

New Additions
So what's new?
A secret recipe - **************************************************************************************

There is an item in the valentine arena (in dungeons) that has one of the pieces to this secret recipe, look for containers in the valentine arena and SAVE THIS ITEM, it’ll be used in the future.

Title variants - When you obtain a “title” during the event, you receive an item that gives one of 2 titles (whether it be the title itself, or color scheme) which can then be redeemed for use. The chances to get the 2 titles from the variants are equal (Meaning the title from it has a 50% chance to be one or the other)

Lovebug.png Demon.png

Taggers - Obtained from the valentine crate, they could either be the light variation (one of the “light” colored hearts) or dark variation (one of the “dark” colored hearts, black and dark blue excluded). These taggers (valentine ones) add a heart to the prefix and suffix (purely cosmetic).



How does the event work? It’s been split into two parts, one for dungeons and another for towny this way the valentine arena doesn’t have to be overcrowded (but mostly because I had extra time and ideas in my head). Well anyways onto the two parts.

Towny side:

When you’re roaming around towny there is a random chance for a mob (named villager) to spawn on you and when you kill this said mob you have a chance to receive some cool rewards, including 1 of 6 custom items which can be used at our best pal the custom crafter to receive the title variant “Faded Demon” (Similar to the 2018 Winter event).

When chat tells you "You feel an unnerving presence, Look around you" that means that a mob (named villager) spawned and you need to go whack him for a chance to get some loot.

Dungeons side:

When you enter dungeons, do /warp Valentines and wandering around the map are 8 different mobs (tons of them though), when you kill the mob you have a chance to receive a drop of blood (8 of which craft the Valentine crate key)

The valentine key can then open the valentine crate at spawn or the valentine arena for some lovely goodies.

There’s also a chest kit you can obtain (has 4 armor pieces and 3 collectible total). Don’t worry, the chances are a bit higher to get the kit this time around so it should be fairly easy to obtain.

Thanks to Elyssia for a title idea and some of the collectibles :D

Items you can obtain during this event:

4 Titles (2 on dungeons, 2 on towny)
Chest kit/set
A valentine relic from the crate
3 collectible gear (continuation from the last valentine event)
7 Light taggers
6 Dark taggers​

You’ve got till the 21st of February to collect everything and have fun. The clock’s ticking, why are you wasting your time reading still? I’m just blabbering for fun, you should probably start grinding by now, mobs to kill, things to collect, titles to wear.


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Aug 3, 2017
How LOVEly!


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May 4, 2017
My compliments to the team who created the Valentines Day Event.
Having some mobs on main and some in the Valentines day dungeon was a wonderful idea. The event dungeon doesn't seem too overcrowded and you can still participate in the event on either server!
Well done! Thank you all for your creativity and dedication. <3
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