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Oct 2, 2017
Hey what's up Maestrea players! My name is voleN and or James. I create content on YouTube, recently it's been Analytical things relating to YouTube Revenue, and a game known as 7 Days to Die. However I plan to revive my World of Warcraft Let's Play fairly soon. And I'm always open to suggestions of things to make videos on.

My Twitch on the other hand, I'm far more active on. Streaming every day but Sundays usually. I stream 3 hours a day minimum, depending on how chat is going. Lately that's been on a game called Trove, as well as some other games such as Battlerite, World of Warcraft, Maestrea, and random things. Feel free to stop by either platform, and drop a Subscribe or Follow depending on the platform.

I stream from 8pm EST to 11pm EST.

Twitch: Twitch.tv/voien

YouTube: YouTube.com/c/voleNTV
Not open for further replies.