Weekly Update: April Week 1


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Aug 8, 2017
England, Uk

Hello, welcome back to another update!
We have a long long list of fixes for you guys!




Exciting crate rework, read about it Here!

Tasty Brews update! Read about it Here!

Top Voters for March are in, read about it Here!​

Issues with connecting has been solved, it was an issue with the move which causes a plugin to timeout and it won't happen again!

Renamed tiered items to keep some of the names from Elyssia
Regular -> Regular
Sturdy -> Pure
Enhanced -> Spellbound
Legendary -> Legendary
Transcendent -> Eternal
Mythic -> Mythic
use /olditems to convert your old bottles and essence


Fixed kits showing soaps name
Moved /trash from one plugin to another
re-added /ping
re-added /togglemobs
Fixed people not having rankup groups when joining
Fixed /sell selling custom items
Fixed relics in offhand being placed
Fixed title crate not giving certain titles
Disabled stacked mobs AI
Added worldborder on /hub
Fixed chatcolor and nicknames not syncing to all servers
Fixed some slipthroughs in the chat filter
Fixed compact sapling being placed infinitely, use the fixer npc to fix your old saplings
Fixed changing your name not transferring your towny data
Removed old perks on store
Fixed relic flowers being eaten by bees
Enabled mirrors and abyssal steel on powered items
Re-added /rules
Fixed people not having flight
Fixed flight in lobby
Disabled buckets stacking
Fixed /shrug
Renamed cut rupee from Topaz to Rupee (no idea how that happened)
Added Luck of the sea and Lure to Eternal and Mythic tier
Disabled end crystal recipe globally
Fixed sell npcs at /shop
Fixed /b (/ bright) not working
Fixed Market chat showing up on multiple servers
Fixed /seen reporting false data
Fixed Clay heads not giving your head when used
Fixed Parrot Feather & Turtle Egg items not spawning mobs
Fixed give command on Maestrea/Elyssia
Fixed Super stew not doing anything
Updated /ccraft on resource
Updated bottles in voteparty crate



Updated bottles in Vote,Common,Uncommon,Rare,Mythic,Elyssian/Maestrean crates
Updated bottles in /ccraft
Fixed Lucky taggers not working
Fixed Sturdy and Enhanced essence not being updated by /olditems at all
Fixed Crates not giving "god apples"
Fixed the Maestrean crate not giving the 32 Mythic bottles reward
Fixed the Vote crate not giving pure bottles
Fixed Arcana potion effects not working in Maestrea



• Increased Gigamachina's participation radius when he is defeated. (60 meters -> 80 meters)
• Gigamachina's melee damage will now be reduced by 50% if you are blocking with a shield.
• Increased Gina Taylor's Cache rare drop rate to match The Crux's (8% -> 10%)
• Increased Coven Witch's health. (40,000 -> 50,000) (This is an attempt to fix her boss fight bugging out due to health gate issues)
• Neviel Spectres now deal much less armor damage when attacking but they now deal more damage per melee hit (50 -> 60). However, now if you are blocking with a shield their melee damage is reduced by 50%.
• Fixed rare bug where sometimes Gigamachina's death animation would play endlessly and no loot would be given.
• Fixed Kira Teleport Beacons still allowing players who aren't warlock rank or higher to teleport and playing effects for them as if they were the required rank.
• Fixed Chapter 1 challenge bosses giving Challenge Token Power Crystals. They should only drop from Chapter 2 challenge bosses now. (Excluding RoE Bosses and Enderius himself, but Crux, Gigamachina, and Chester do count as Challenge Bosses and will drop them now.)
• Fixed T1 Invasion bosses dropping Challenge Token Crystal Sockets.
• Attempted to fix Coven Witch's boss fight bugging out on rare occasions.
• Fixed rare occasions where Coven Witch's dangerous attacks would have no warning that would be displayed if she immediately used it upon switching into her attack phase as her fight began.
• Fixed rare occasions where Coven Witch's Soul Destroyer charge tracker would be killed and would break the boss fight.


Fixed /up working at spawn​
Fixed lottery tickets costing too little​

The 9 items from old elyssia will be in your mailbox​

Fixed Mythic crate in Elyssia saying it gave Maestrea key​

Fixed Elyssia crate giving entropy fragments instead of shards​



Fixed skyblock warps
/shop now works correctly
Added skyblock challenges!
use /is challenge
(If you notice any errors or balancing issues plz lmk)


Content Agenda

Mythic Mobs: Fixes, fixes, and hopefully more fixes!
Items: Trying to do more fixes and improvements
QOL: As usual, weekly updates!
Skyblock: There are now challenges to keep you busy as you're soaring above the clouds :D
Elyssia Content: Still fixing and improving!
Brews: Spring is in the air... :eek: with that comes more brews!
Events: Thinking of more fun ideas for future events for you guys! Stay tuned!
Economy: Shady was just in town... also in Elyssia for the first time :eek:

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Mar 27, 2020
Wow the amazing amount of services provided by one person! The wonders of technology and the internet never disappoint me! Who knew that tax consultants also provided movie platforms, as well as printer, antivirus and catering services! My tax consultant has been hiding these secrets from me for so long!

(this is a reply to a spam comment which featured these servers, which has now been deleted)
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