Weekly Update: April Week Four!


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Dec 12, 2016
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Town name: Roscrea
Mayor: woodrose
CoMayor: PandoraKisses, Zevira, Jare, J4CKofalltrades

Builders: woodrose


Hello Maestreans

Welcome back to another Weekly Update. I hope everyone had a great week, Elyssia/Maestrea has had some great updates this week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the update! :D

Easter Event 2019 has now ended on maestrea. Thanks to everyone that participated!



-Added the Compact Sapling, which when placed will plant 2x2 spruce saplings, making tree farming more enjoyable. You can craft them in /ccraft with 1 Crystal and 64 Spruce Saplings.

-Fixed /togglemobs not working for Knight+.

-Fixed Compact Saplings vanishing when right clicking in water or air.

-Fixed the /shop sell NPCs not working.

-AuctionHouse is back and should hopefully no longer run into item clearing issues.



-Easter Event is still currently going on.

-[Event] Changed Spring Voting Crate to a 50% chance to drop from each vote.

-[Event] Added Carrot Voting Crate at a 100% chance to drop from each vote.

-[Event] Added Shopkeepers at /warp event to exchange your Sparkling Orchids and Easter Eggs.

-Removed Valentine's Vote Crates from vote rewards, and added Spring Voting Crates instead.

-Ended the Valentine's Day event.

-Added a new command /fixrv, which clears all your rank variants on Elyssia, which will allow you to select a new one without your previous one overwriting the one you want set.

-[Resource] The server will now restart every 5 hours to help with the lag it has been having lately.

-Fixed Arcanist not paying for the Brew job action.

-Fixed players being able to go well over the Brewing Stand/Furnace limits. It's now 20 again. (Any furnace/brewing stand you right click will be registered to your user and you will only be paid from those. You can use /jobs clearownership to reset the ones you've claimed to choose new ones again.)



-Removed the health bar that would appear in place of a mobs name.

-Whenever you hover over the name of someone in chat who is on dungeons, it will now show how many mobs they've killed (all time) on the server.


Content Agenda

MythicMobs: Revenge of Enderius! :)
Relics: Working hard to create new relics.
QoL: Quality over Quantity.

Skyblock: Assets, assemble.


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Jun 15, 2017
Another awesome update :)
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