Weekly Update: April Week Four


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May 22, 2017

Town: Dragons_Landing
Mayor: DragonSoleil

Happy Earth Day!

Did you know the first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd, 1970? After 48 years, it's still going strong, and is celebrated in over 192 countries!
Here on Maestrea, we're constantly building a better server (Though luckily, we have Vacuum for our litter) that everyone can enjoy for a long time to come. Take some time today to read through what's gone on in the past week, and remember that we all have to do our part to preserve our planet!



End crystals have been disabled in /shop, due to them breaking item frames and armor stands.

Purged inactive residents

Shady Trader made a brief visit on Friday, and gathered quite a vacation fund!

Added a new Brewer job!
New Brewer job!

Fixed Lovebug not being given out by title key

Removed furnaces from /sell due to Molten furnaces also being sold

Fixed /depositall triggering a CPS warning for staff members

Fixed grappling hooks (Again)

Fixed elevators sometimes jumping twice



Fixed Crusher NPC

Fixed fragment trader not working and disappearing all the time



Fixed Chained Astray's door being broken in Dungeon 6



Updated tab in lobby

Forums homepage is now back


Important Threads

April Build Competition Winners!


Staff Updates

Plannings has been promoted to Overseer
has been promoted to Helper
has been promoted to Helper



Community Spotlight

This week's Outstanding Player is...

When asked what they love most about Maestrea...
Mr_Blank has been a positive influence on Maestrea, often encouraging others to reach their goals and overall creating good feelings throughout their interactions with all players.

Our challenge this week is to follow Mr_Blanks example of positivity, and to give warm welcomes to 5 new players! This could be as simple as a cheerful "Welcome to Maestrea!" When those welcome messages pop up in your chat. For those looking to go above and beyond, feel free to teach them a few things about our server, such as helping them find information in /tut or /faq


Content Team Agenda

What we're working on this week:
Mythic Mobs
: Preparing to take over the server with their Magical Mythical Mobs
Brews: Working on the Brewer job!
Relics: Helping with cool items for Quests
QoL: Celebrating Earth Day
Quests: Taking a moment to make D2 even better (Sorry for the delay!)
Skyblock: Taking Suggestions for Challenges
Skyblock Challenge Suggestions


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Feb 21, 2016
According to /res KingWither, I was 4 months old when we had our first Earth Day! :) Side note/random PSA, but as a Sustainability major about to graduate in like 2 weeks, remember that you still live on Earth every day! Keep working to make the world a better place and hurray teamwork!
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